Hey girl.....

........because I haven't really left the house in weeks (other than errands & one holiday get-together) & because I need a distraction from my sore breastfeeding nipps (I don't think this was what my lactation consultant meant):

{All images plucked from here}

Happy Monday =]


  1. He-is-my-favorite! YUMMMM!! Excellent post : ) Great distraction: for sure!

  2. God he's yummy. I apparently missed the last post so I just now read it. Love the photos, she's absolutely beautiful! As for the sore nipples I've heard great things about both the motherlove nipple salve and the earth mama angel baby nipple butter. Earth Mama Angel Baby also has these things called booby tubes that can be used cold or hot that are amazing for a variety of things!

  3. drooooooool -- I love the one on Pinterest, 'hey girl, i think chalkboard paint would be great in the kitchen'

    i just saw crazy, stupid love for the first time 2 weeks ago. watched it with hubs and I had to play it cool, like no big deal when he took his shirt off and did the dirty dancing scene! I was actually fanning myself. it was almost as hot as RP in water for elephants. *passes out*

  4. This one tonight cracked me up for real: http://pinterest.com/pin/168251736048455170/

    Sorry about your nips. :(

  5. Literally laughed out loud! Love it!! you can post abt him anytime!

  6. I love the one about the pretty intense antiquing dream. Funny.

    Hang in there! Bfeeding is soooo good for Q.


  7. Dude, I'm 5 months from my due date and my nips are having sympathy pains for you! I love Ryan Gosling. So hot.


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