Quinn: 1 month

To document each monthly milestone of Quinn's first year, we'll be taking photos of her with these lovely monthly stickers from Sticky Bellies.  They were a kind gift from my blog friend Carly who is also the brilliant creator (sidenote: I've "known" Carly for years now, since back in our days on the Nest's Decorating & Renovating board).  I couldn't be more in love & impressed with her creations & the success of Sticky Bellies.  These reusable monthly stickers are so convenient, especially for folks like me who don't have the time/patience to bother with Photoshopping such things on to onesies (besides, they're much more adorable than anything I could've created).  Thanks so very much for thinking of our little Quinn, Carly!!

With the hustle & bustle of the holidays, we lagged in taking Quinn's 1 month photo. The girl was 2 weeks late making her arrival into our world, so I'm sensing a trend.........  Technically these are pics of Quinn at 1.5 months. Better late than never. =]

"Get me out of this chair..........."

Quinnie Girl~

We loved you from the start but as each day passes, our love for you grows even more. We're bursting at the seams with adoration for you over here.  

Things were a bit rough at the beginning, what with your long-awaited arrival & my breastfeeding issues (TMI: my milk didn't come in for 2.5 weeks & so we supplemented with donor milk--thank goodness for that resource).   I was an emotional wreck & felt like a failure but was fiercely determined to keep at it.  Thankfully, I think we're starting to find our groove.

We hear some newborns are "good sleepers" from the start, but not you, our little firecracker.  Up until last week (your 6 weeks mark), you preferred to nurse every 1.5 to 2 hours all day and all night!!  You prefer to nap only when one of us wears you (you love the Moby baby sling/wrap).  It's the "fourth trimester" phenomenon & is normal at this age says your pediatrician, plus you're so new & this world is a little scary, huh?  The sleep training can wait; right now I'm just trying to soak up these moments of being so close to you all the time.  They do go by so quickly.

I was one exhausted mama but just when I was coming to terms with our arrangement you gifted me with 4 straight hours of sleep one night last week & have kept that up for a week straight.  I'll take it!  Thank you, baby girl.  You are a truly happy baby (except when you're hungry, then all hell breaks loose).  You are getting chubbier & starting to smile at us & coo & babble away now.  It melts our hearts like you wouldn't believe--we're helpless little puddles up in here.

Parenting is the hardest thing your daddy & I have ever encountered, but it's true what they say that things do get easier with each day.  There are some days when it feels like we're trying to reinvent the wheel (as our dear friend Heather so eloquently puts it).  Then, just when we think we're completely incompetent, & that you just might petition for somebody else to be your parents, you gift us with a breakthrough that makes us shake our heads in wonder.  Maybe sometimes we don't suck after all.

Love you to the moon & back, Q-tie Pie.


  1. YAY! I was dying to see another picture! She is gorgeous FC! So cute!

  2. Oh Lordy, could she be ANY cuter!?? She is just precious!! It really does get better/easier.. I had a hold-me-all-the-time, nurse-every-1.5-hours, won't-sleep-on-my-back baby. Tiring? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. :) And that hair is to die for!

  3. awww she is beautiful, I have 2 boys and yearn for a girl. I don't think I can convince hubby though :)


  4. So cute! Hope the extra sleep keeps up :-)

  5. She's so darn cute. I can see why you are smitten. Happy you are doing these posts.

  6. Oh Quinn, how pretty and alert you are! FC - its ALL worth it! Enjoy those cuddly moments.

  7. So so cute! Love her little bow!! :)

  8. Sitting up already? So advanced! ; )

    What a sweet little letter and I love the nickname. Clever! She IS a Q-tie Pie.


  9. Love it! I love this stickies too! Is this the smae Carly I am thinking of? Anywho...I love the letter to her. I still have the one my mother wrote me of my birth story and I treasure that more than I could ever tell her.

    I am also hinting to you of the idea of picturing her with an object for growth documentation. oOme do a basket or a hat...I am thinking a Macys charge for this sweet girl. I think it fits her since she will be the future fashionista I know she is destined to be. :)


  10. Your milk didn't come in for 2.5 weeks and you supplemented with donor milk?? I love it! Wow, I'm totally impressed. And nursing every 1.5 hours round the clock? Wow again!

    She's so adorable. What a sweet little girl!

  11. She's so darling! I want to eat her feetsies! (Ok, that sounded weird, sorry.)

  12. What a doll! I felt the same way- after 6 weeks you feel like you're getting into some kind of routine and soon after you feel totally in control again :) Keep up the good work of raising one little cutie.

  13. She's a beaut FC! I love her. And dude, major MAJOR props for going with donor milk and sticking with it! That pretty much sums it up that you don't suck at all. We also had some rough first few months and are proof that eventually, they do want to sleep. Keep up the keepin up lady, you're obvsly doing awesome!

  14. I'm such a sap but I am in tears reading this. FC, you are a fabulous momma and I know that baby girl Quinn adores you and your H, too. I can't believe how old she already looks--time flies! xoxo

  15. Oh my goodness - she is a doll! What a sweet letter.

  16. I love this. I hope I write something like this when my little nugget comes! You know, instead of writing my admittance application to the mental institution. Just kidding, I can't wait!

    Your babe is just as adorable as you are....

  17. So cute. In a month it is going to be so much easier and when she is four months old it is going to be amazing. :) You will be like a whole new woman. Until you go through it yourself though you just have no idea. I completely get how four hours of sleep is a miracle!!! How is breast feeding going?

  18. SO adorable! those reuseable stickers are sooo fun!

  19. she's absolutely precious! need more quinn pics!

  20. I love your letter to your daughter! So very sweet - and I love your blog too! Just wanted to say congrats and also a big thank you for the link to Sticky Bellies - buying some for my pregnant friends now!

  21. First time commenting...
    1.) Your little girl is really, really beautiful!
    2.) The last paragragh of your letter perfectly embodies the early months of parenting! I have a five month old and I was sure that he thought he got a bum-deal having me as his mom - and then there are those moments where you know that everything is going to be fine...


  22. This is just too sweet. *sniff, sniff*

    How beautiful is this baby? I'm sitting here just admiring her cuteness. Are her eyes blue, FC?

    Well, Quinn has the most amazing parents so no worries there and I'm so glad you're finally getting some well needed rest.

    I have to admit I am so looking forward to see her monthly photos. I want to squeeze those teeny tiny feet of her.

    How are Hiro and Quinn getting along?

  23. :) Sooooooo flippin' adorable!

  24. What a little doll! Thank you for the shout out to Sticky Bellies and for providing us with such a gorgeous model. I love your letter to Quinn - it will be SO cherished by you AND Quinn when she is older.
    Hang in there, mama - it DOES get easier! :)

    Looking forward to month #2!

  25. Wow, she is a gorgeous little chick:) and you will get your sleep back, promise:)

  26. She is adorable! I LOVE her nursery too by the way! Hang in there, it does get easier and she will be sleeping longer before you know it!

  27. awww she's so adorable! I did weekly photos of her until about month 6 but also do monthly pix of her. I think K has the same head piece!!

    have a great weekend, love the note to her!

  28. omg how cute!!!!!! i just want to pinch those cheeks!!!

    and thank you for the encouraging words. it does help. xoxo

  29. Aww, you all sure know how to make this proud mama smile!! Thank you for your sweet comments on our baby girl & for your kind words of encouragement! Major creds go to Quinn for amping up the cuteness during the photo shoot. =]

    @ Aja: So so so comforting to hear that! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one. Can your Evie BE any more darling?!!

    @ mommyiscoocoo: I hear ya! BFing
    is getting easier by the day. It's not 100% pain-free yet, but much more tolerable now. Definitely have no shortage of milk now, that's for sure. Thank you for asking!

    @ Kristal & Shannon: You ladies rock my world. Thank q for the commendation & words of encouragement! Means more than I can ever express. Love ya.

    @ Sara RSR: Bahaha! You can use my draft of the insane asylum application. I'll email it to you. You're welcome.

    @ Kayla: You r so welcome! Aren't these stickers so much fun?!

    @ Jennie: Thanks for taking the time to comment! I love to hear from readers & you r so right about parenting. So glad I'm not the only one who feels like that, LOL!

  30. @ Suzie: I love you, my friend. Thank q for saying that. Quinn's eyes r stil that mysterious navy blue-grey right now. I'd love it if her eyes end up some shade of blue (Mr. FC's are blue) but my Asian blood runs deep so they'll probably turn brown. Hazel maybe? Oh the possibilities!

    Hiro's doing well, thx for asking. We r making sure we give him lots of love. At first he was really curious about Quinn, esp. when she cried. He was all, What is that thing & why would you bring one home?! Now he just ignores her, HA!!

    @ bevy: LOL! Not weird at all. I 100% agree w/ you. Let's eat her feetsies together. =]

    @ Carly: Awww thx so much & no prob, C! We're so lucky that you sent them our way!!

    @ simplyvonne: I love your gorgeous photos of Kaylee. It doesn't get any more adorable than your beautiful little K!

  31. She is perfectly adorable! Do you have her every feature memorized now!? I sill just gaze at my kids faces when they are talking... how we ended up so blessed, Ill never know. And funny thing us, they wont remember a thing yoy do in the first 4 years, but they'll know if they are loved. So you are perfect!! Xo

  32. Awww, she still gets me each time I look at her.

    In my mind's eye, I picture Quinn and Hiro holding hand/paw skipping into the sunset together. HeHe! :)

  33. I am not a mom yet - although I adore kids immensely and this photos of this cute baby has prompted me to follow your blog. What an adorable precious gift of God. Utterly mutterly cute at best.

    I like your blog topics. Interesting read


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