Still here (barely)!

Sleep-deprived? Check.
Teeth brushed? Can't remember...what day is it?
Sore nipples from breastfeeding? Check. (If things just got weird for you, don't read this other reference to my boobs. Or do. Either way really.)
House in shambles? Check.
Loving our baby girl? Check.

I can't tell you how much your comments on the birth of our Quinn Evie meant to us.  I read them during stolen moments at the hospital, during naptime, in the wee hours of the night whilst nursing. You all never cease to amaze me with your sincere kindness.  I'm constantly awed that you all take the time out of your day to read this blog of mine.  Heart touched, eyes misty.

Baby Bootcamp is kicking our asses but thank goodness for Mr. FC.  Teamwork is so important!  But all it takes is a sight like these to melt our hearts.  This little lady is the reason I missed the Twilight: Breaking Dawn premiere lights up our lives, truly.

{Photos courtesy of our friend Ben of Ben Klaus Photography. Thanks for the fun impromptu session, Benny!}

I thought about turning this one into her birth announcement.
Caption: Forget the onesies, buy effing earplugs. 
Love you Quinnie Cakes.

P.S. Thank you to the loverly Cassie for including Quinn's nursery in her This Really Melts My Butter round-up!!  What a true honor!  How I love & envy that girl (frenemy much?).  I do believe she & I were cut from the same cloth.  Destined to be Sarcasm Sisters.  The Queen Bees of dry humor.  

P.P.S. I'm working on writing up Quinn's birth story (thank you to those who've expressed interest in reading it).  In an effort to bring balance to this blog, I've also got some home-related posts in the queue & will be back with those as soon as I can get my act together enough to take/edit the accompanying pics.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

* Thanks so much for the adorable lilac flower accessory, Jenna!!  Love & miss you!!  =]


  1. Oh I remember those sore "bobbies" (what my boys 3&4 call them). It will get better!!! Do you have lansinoh nipple cream? It is the best. Rub it ALL OVER your nipple and then use a nursing pad so it won't get on your bra, tank top, etc... Learning to nurse is to hard. You're a good momma.

  2. Thankfully the second time around the boobs are a lot better. With Finn, the only thing that helped were those gel pads that go in your bra. I'd stick them in the fridge.

  3. She is so beautiful! What great images! Glad to hear you are doing well. Super happy for your family.

  4. She is beautiful!

    Id love to hear your birth story. Don't worry too much about a balanced life - if you are able to post at all, Im sure your fans (me included) will be happy to hear from you on whatever you want to talk about.

  5. those pictures are beautiful! Glad to hear that you're doing well.

  6. Grrrrl, I hear you on the sore nips. I slather that nipple cream on like 6 times a day. Oy.

    Your little lady looks so precious. She is a true model-- she makes crying look cute ;)


  7. She is breathtaking (just like her mama)...and I should warn you -- you gave your daughter a "HOT GIRL" name. She is bound to turn heads and be THE girl that makes all the other girls soo jealous and the boys melt. Just warning you...and warn Mr. FC. :)

    I will always be here. Just think my dear..think of how long we have known each other. What is a few months here and there? You know where to find me.

    Oh..and take pics of the boobs whiel they are HUGE...if not for the mister for yourself. It is the closest I got to seeing what full C's were like (or implants). :)


  8. This post made me smile, I love your light hearted humor about being in the trenches with a newborn. You said it perfectly, it is boot camp! Hang in there, it's rough but does get better! Your house will be clean one day again, I promise!

    She is beautiful! So thrilled for you!

  9. oh my gosh, she's so cute, I want to eat her! that's a good thing, just so you know.

    the best advice I can give, sleep when she sleeps. I'm sure you've never heard that from anyone else, but trust me, it helps tons. And yay for having a wonderful hubby to help!

  10. Ok, flipping adorable...even the screaming pic! As an aside note, cleaning water spray off my iPad after reading the ear plug announcement. Lol lol. I say go for it!

  11. So excited to see a post from you and baby girl, Q! I think she's a doll and I would love to read that birth story...gotta get myself prepared! ; )

  12. Oh please tell me she fell out like a slippery water balloon and there was no pain and everything was hearts and unicorns! At least, that is what I'm hoping my labor will be like! She is so cute.

  13. Quinn is so cute! I've been wondering how things were going for the first few days; I'm sure it's an adjustment! Did you have that "You're letting me take her home and you're not coming with me?" moment when leaving the hospital? She's adorable.

  14. She is beautiful, thanks for sharing:-)

  15. Congratulations! I'm going to have to call her Miss Poppins, because she is practically perfect in every way. Maybe all the way perfect.

    I double dog dare you to send out that one pic as your holiday card. Do it! (Okay, no, you don't have to. She'll get all mad at you and slam the door about it when she's 13.) But I think it's awesome that you included it here, and I'm glad to hear all of you are doing fine. What a wonderful thing it is to be a new family of three.


  16. Oh thank goodness you posted...I needed a FC hit!!!! You sound like you're right where every new mom is during this stage...scared, overwhelmed, in blissful love. And my gosh she's adorable! I could spread her on a cracker and eat her up! Really. But not in an oogie way.

    Much love to my soul (sarcasm) sister! ps -- so glad you said 'humor' and not 'humping' in the Queen Bee statement.

    pps -- lanolin...that gooey ointment rocks and will save your nipples. i've never said the word nipples in a blog comment before. i kind of like it. nipple nipple nipple

  17. What a cutie!!! And she's already looking so stylish! Enjoy every moment!!! :)


  18. She's absolutely beautiful AND stylish even when crying.

    Sorry about your sore bewbies:)

  19. FC she is sooooo gorgeous! Seriously! ::SWOON::

  20. she is gorgeous! congratulations again!!!!!

  21. What a beautiful baby girl - Congratulations!
    Another Lansinoh devotee here, also try nipple shields if it gets worse (Avent do a very thin one which is much less likely to interrupt supply). Good luck, you're doing something wonderful for your babe.

  22. omgosh I can totally relate to the sleep deprived, not brushing my teeth the first thing in morning haha and pretty much everything you listed! but so worth it when holding our baby right?

    She's a beauty!!!! happy holidays!

  23. Just hopped on over after seeing your blog mentioned in Cassie's This Really Melts My Butter round-up and I think I am going to like it here.

    "...birth announcement.
    Caption: Forget the onesies, buy effing earplugs." Do it, at least for your friends with a sense of humor and/or kids!

    Congratulations and good luck with the sore boobies!

  24. Que linda!!! Eu Amei.

    What beautiful !!! I loved it.

    I'm from Brazil.


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