I turned 33 on the 3rd (of January).  I hate to disappoint you but though I'm getting on in years, my sense of humor has not matured at all.    Having a birthday right after the holidays usually means people never really remember your birthday/are so over festivities/sometimes give you combined Christmas & birthday gifts (lame). Kidding. Totally serious.

All joking aside, I really don't mind.  Low-key is my middle name & I did just that by celebrating quietly with Mr. FC & Quinn.  (Hiro was around somewhere but he was too busy unearthing the mammoth bone he got/buried for Christmas.)  We've tried a couple restaurant outings with Quinn but she's not a fan yet, so instead Mr. FC brought home sushi from one of our favorite places.

We put the iPod on shuffle & I cracked open a bottle of wine.  I snapped this photo because it was not staged at all, promise.  I laughed so hard, I almost cried.  
For the judge-y folks: I had less than a glass & made sure I was w/in the safe breastfeeding window specified by my midwife/doctor.

Mr. FC spoiled me with a Kindle Touch 3G
(I talked him down from the Kindle Fire--I just want to read books on my Kindle, dammit). 
Also, thank you to my in-laws who showered me with giftcards galore, a beautiful bouquet & a lovely scarlet pashmina.
(My family doesn't do birthdays--it's a Buddhist thing/long story.)

All in all, a sweet birthday spent with the three people I love most.
One of them is furry, guess which one (hint: it's not Mr. FC).

{ taken w/ my camera phone, pardon the blurs }

{ Hiro after a snowy romp on my birthday. }

Any other January birthdays out there?  Happy Birthday to you all!
Here's to a brilliant year!!

P.S. I'm way behind on my blog reading, my apologies! Hoping to catch up soon.  Just know that I appreciate each & every one of your comments.  If you're a lurker -- I appreciate you too.


  1. Happy Birthday! Make sure to let us know how you like the Kindle... any favorite books lately? I'm always up for a recommendation!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    And by the way? You look Amazing - I *kind of* don't believe that you just had a kiddo so recently. Good on you! :)


  3. Thx for the birthday well wishes, ladies!!

    @ Lucky Girl: So far the Kindle has been collecting dust, ha! Perhaps I was a bit too optimistic that I'd get to do any reading w/ a newborn around?! Will definitely post about any book recs when I get a chance. We can start a virtual book club....any excuse to get to together to drink wine, err, I mean chat about books. =]

    @ Emily on the V Side: Awww, thx Emily!! I love you. You are so kind to say that. Sadly, I can't take any credit for working out. I guess breastfeeding/lack of sleep is like the best diet ever? HA!!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    And i cringe at the thought anyone would actually give you shit for having a half glass of wine. People need to get a grip.

  5. Happy belated birthday! I love Quinn's little hat.

  6. Lurker here coming out of lurkdom to wish you a belated happy birthday. Also, the picture of your counter made me laugh because it looks just like mine (pump parts and all!). No need to defend your wine drinking self. I nurse my baby in one arm while drinking a glass of wine with the other hand. No worries!

  7. Happy Birthday FC! I hear you on the quiet, low-key birthdays. I did the same for my 30th in June when I was 6 months preggers.

    Next year though, it's on. Like Donkey motha effin KONG.

    Have you discovered the alcohol test strips for breast milk? Best things EVAR.


  8. Happy belated FC! Your freakin family is just freakin gorgeous. So way to go on that.

    I remember being let loose for a bridal shower a month after G arrived and I got plowed. I stayed at the bar later with my friends until I was literally in pain from not having fed him or pumped. After a tear-filled ride home, I promptly pumped, dumped and swore off those binges. For a few weeks at least. Soooo, drink up!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!!! You and the family are looking wonderful. It's great to see your beautiful mugs.

  10. Happy Birthday!

    Our kiddo's birthday is 12/31, and so far friends and family haven't combination-gifted him quite yet, but I'm sure the day will come.

    I remember doing a LOT of reading when I had a newborn. Maternity leave was wonderful. A lot of reading, napping, walking, shopping. I miss it!


  11. Happy Birthday girl! Love the pics! Quinn is a cutie- loving the pic of her and Mr. FC! XOXO

  12. Happy belated birthday! Mine was the fifth and I totally feel you on the lack of enthusiasm for post-holiday birthdays. Everyone is in detox mode which doesn't help things either!

    PS New moms are those MOST in need of a glass of wine. Hope you enjoyed!

  13. i LOVE those last three photos. gorgeous, all of you.

    and happy birthday.

  14. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I think your birthday celebration looks fantastic, what better way to spend the day than with the ones you love?

    Also, wanted to add that Quinn is adorable!

  15. Welcome to the club! I turned 33 back in October- it's not so bad. ;)

  16. OMG, your baby is SO beautiful! I can't believe anyone would criticize you for having some wine for your birthday...but there are some harpies out there, eh? Looks like you had a wonderful night, happy bday! I'm turning 33 a few weeks after my baby is born, so I will be in the fun club with you :)

  17. Happy 33rd, FC. Your birthday celebration sounds lovely and perfect. So happy for you and your little family. That pic of Q and her daddy is too adorable for words.

  18. Happy Birthday FC! You daughter is absolutely without a doubtful gosh darn beautiful.


  19. Happy birthday! I don't know how I missed this over the years but I just now realized we're the same age :)

    Quinn gets more flippin' adorable by the day!! So cute.

    And not to get totally inappropriate, but I can officially say this without being creepy cause we all know I can't stomach vag...you look FAB! Totally milf territory. :)

  20. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful day...they definitely do change once you have a baby but in my opinion for the better. :) LOL at the wine glass and bottle rack. Quinn is so stinking cute and you look gorgeous!

  21. Happy happy birthday!! I'm a January baby too! Low key is definitely the way to go these days! And could your girl get any cuter??? Adorable!

  22. OMG...first a fellow Hawkeye fan and now I find out that we have the EXACT SAME BIRTHDAY? We must be blog buddies!

  23. Happy birthday, buddy! I was hoping you would invite me in for sushi, but I guess you didn't see me peeping in the windows.

  24. Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday! Love the sweet pics of Quinn! =)

  25. Belated happy birthday FC! Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate. I'm a Capricorn too - Jan.16th! I knew there was a reason I liked you ;)

  26. I turn 33 in two weeks. And I was just getting the hang of 32! Looks like a truly devine day!

  27. @ Mrs L: You'd think people wouldn't judge in this day & age right? But nope. Got an anonymous email admonishing me about the "safe breastfeeding". Hence the disclaimer. ::sigh::

    @ Lauren: Yay, multi-tasking winos unite, LOL!! Thx for coming out of lurker-ville. =]

    @ Shannon: Oh I totally hear you, Shann. Your story both made me laugh & cry, poor thing. I'm going to a baby shower next month & I just know I'll be a wreck. I'll be THAT hot-mess mom at her friend's baby shower, HA! Watch out.

    @ Carmel, Sara RSR, & Danelle: Yay for the 33 Club!

    @ Aja, Abby, Paige, Jen RR: Yay for the Capricorn Club!

    @ Abby: What a crazy coincidence! Go Hawks & Jan 3 bdays!!

  28. @ Michael: BEST COMMENT EVER. EVER! OMG! It's comments like that that convinces me we'd totally hit it off in real life. Even if I'm part of the Vag Club. Ah, reminds me of those priceless decorpad days of yore. Thx M for deeming me worthy of MILF territory--means a lot coming from you, for reals. MILFs are way classier than Cougars. Yay 33 Club! xoxo

    @ LB: WHAT?! They have alcohol-testing strips for breastfeeding mothers?! Where've I been? It IS on like donkey-mother-effing-kong, HA!! Thx for the tip!

  29. Im quickly becoming addicted to pics of that punkin!! And agreed... you are so milf!

    Laughing at the pump paraphanelia...its been a few years, but my boobs started aching just looking at the torture contraption!! Happy birthday sweets... you are a freaking baby! We may not be able to stay friends now that I know how much younger you are than me! ;)

  30. you look awesome for 33! love the lil hat!!

    Happy lunar new year to you and your family!

  31. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

    OMG Quinn is just so freaking cute. She's already mugging for the camera.LOL Give her a big squeeze from me.

  32. sooo precious -- quinn is gorgeous!! glad i found your blog! :)


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