Guest bedroom: idea board

There's a reason why I haven't shared any other parts of our finished basement (other than the guest bathroom & my office nook)--none of them are decorated yet & are looking quite sad. 

There's only one solution: get decoratin'.  Decorating lets the sad out.

During one of Quinn's naps (in her own crib, thank goodness, though she only power naps for 30 min each time), I threw together an idea board for the guest bedroom. Why?  Because it helps me to corral my ideas & see how they work collectively.  I had told Mr. FC that all along I was envisioning a "Ralph Lauren aesthetic" (the Parisian flagship store is my favorite) for the guest bedroom.  I don't know if I accomplished that but I managed to cobble a mix of styles & metals together: nautical/vintage/Colorado-ness & silver/pewter/aged brass. 

It looks like a hot mess. 
Mr. Lauren, if you're reading this (which I'm sure you are): Ralphie, forgive me. 

1 & 1/2 & 2/3/4/5/6/7
(All basement walls were painted in Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, which I'm too lazy to change right now.)

****************** In other news ***********************
 A few weeks ago Mr. FC noted that our child resembles a Monchhichi.  
Does that make us bad parents? If you're an '80s baby like myself, you know what I'm sayin':

I think the resemblance is uncanny/adorable/awesome.

Most productive day ever, seriously.

{ Will be back next week soon with a few home d├ęcor updates. }