I know, I know....tumbleweeds & chirping crickets

Hi there.

I meant to take only a short break from blogging.  But my mom visited (she cooked, cleaned, babysat & only nagged me a little; it was awesome), then we had more visitors, then we started sleep-training Quinn, then we're gearing up for more visitors next week.  Also, I "returned" to work a few weeks ago.  Sort of.  Before Quinn was born, I was able to arrange with my boss to take at least 1 year off with the agreement that I work part-time from home.  Yes, please!  Believe me, I thank my lucky stars every single day for this arrangement.

So anyway, a short blog break turned into an extended one.

Things I plan to NOT take a break from:
Quinn (obviously)
Pinterest (instant gratification)
wine (obviously x 100)

You know, just so we're clear.

Because posts are better with pictures, here's a couple..........

I went to a fun baby shower for my friend Jen (whose house I blogged about here) a few weeks ago which took place at this charming venue.  It was my first outing without Quinn.  There was wine (should be required at any spa/salon).  It might've gotten a little wild all up in there.  Or maybe that was just me.  It was a baby shower after all.  Here's the gorgeous chandelier I met there (forgot to snap a shot so I plucked this pic from their site).
Look at this thing:

Meanwhile, at home a scruffy, stained shirted Mr. FC took care of Quinn whilst she looked on suspiciously.
And she's not wearing any pants:

I swear I do have some decor projects to blog.  Also, there's a certain someone's birth story to share, as well as her 2 & 3 month photos/updates which I should probably share before she turns 4 months old (Mom of the Year right here).  Plus I have a baby products post in the works for those who might find it helpful.  I'm no baby whisperer but posts like those helped me a lot, so I hope mine will in turn help others.

OK, back to wrangling an almost 4-month old & balancing work/life.  Right now I really suck at it.
Thanks for sticking with me.  As this hilarious blogger would say, I love you guys hard.
Perhaps no one missed me at all (story of my life)?
Oh well, I still love you all.