I know, I know....tumbleweeds & chirping crickets

Hi there.

I meant to take only a short break from blogging.  But my mom visited (she cooked, cleaned, babysat & only nagged me a little; it was awesome), then we had more visitors, then we started sleep-training Quinn, then we're gearing up for more visitors next week.  Also, I "returned" to work a few weeks ago.  Sort of.  Before Quinn was born, I was able to arrange with my boss to take at least 1 year off with the agreement that I work part-time from home.  Yes, please!  Believe me, I thank my lucky stars every single day for this arrangement.

So anyway, a short blog break turned into an extended one.

Things I plan to NOT take a break from:
Quinn (obviously)
Pinterest (instant gratification)
wine (obviously x 100)

You know, just so we're clear.

Because posts are better with pictures, here's a couple..........

I went to a fun baby shower for my friend Jen (whose house I blogged about here) a few weeks ago which took place at this charming venue.  It was my first outing without Quinn.  There was wine (should be required at any spa/salon).  It might've gotten a little wild all up in there.  Or maybe that was just me.  It was a baby shower after all.  Here's the gorgeous chandelier I met there (forgot to snap a shot so I plucked this pic from their site).
Look at this thing:

Meanwhile, at home a scruffy, stained shirted Mr. FC took care of Quinn whilst she looked on suspiciously.
And she's not wearing any pants:

I swear I do have some decor projects to blog.  Also, there's a certain someone's birth story to share, as well as her 2 & 3 month photos/updates which I should probably share before she turns 4 months old (Mom of the Year right here).  Plus I have a baby products post in the works for those who might find it helpful.  I'm no baby whisperer but posts like those helped me a lot, so I hope mine will in turn help others.

OK, back to wrangling an almost 4-month old & balancing work/life.  Right now I really suck at it.
Thanks for sticking with me.  As this hilarious blogger would say, I love you guys hard.
Perhaps no one missed me at all (story of my life)?
Oh well, I still love you all.



  1. That picture is so adorable! The one with humans, not a light fixture. Obviously. Anyway hope you get a handle on your work/life balance soon so you can blog some more!

  2. Riiiight. No one misses you at all.

    Puh-lease. We'll be here when you have time. I don't care if you post once per month or once per hour. Okay, once per hour would annoy me.

    Kisses to Quinn! Belly rubs to Hiro!

  3. I checked your page everyday (I hope that doesn't sound creepy haha) waiting for another post - so yes, you were missed. I ADORE your blog bc its hilarious mixed with vignettes of your life/home decorating/etc.

    But its completely understandable that you're realllllyyy busy and don't have time for blogging when you have a new baby + your husband/family + work + life in general!! Heck I can barely remember to brush my teeth sometimes.

    So get back to Quinn - because she's adorable!!

  4. You were missed! Quinn and Mr. FC are very cute, both of them. I love the way Quinn's hair is growing in.

    Welcome back...and nice job on the job. Lucky!


  5. You make me feel like a sicko, stalking around here waiting for an FC hit!! You appeased me temorarily by showing me the cute baby. But that hit can only last so long, so come back soon!

    And if youre windering where the time has flown and youre already at the 4 mos mark, and you thought this maternity breakwould go a whole lot different (like big plans of being productive)...I have no answers, I just know its a big black hole of time!! It happened to me too

  6. I totally checked the page everyday-- you know I'm a creeper like that.

    But I hear you; parenting, working and blogging is hard to do. By the time the monster goes to bed at night, the last thing I feel like doing is using my brain to write up a witty post about home decor. No thank you, I would like to instead find out who got voted off the island this week. Mindless entertainment.

    Much love Momma,

  7. OMG you have a year to work from home?? And you get wine times 100?? I need some of what you got. STAT. QUINN IS ADORABLE TOO!

  8. You were missed. Is your husband related to Tony Hawk?

  9. love the little freckle's expression looking at her father. and you were missed, but most of us get it. duh, we're mothers too.

  10. quinn is A.DOR.ABLE. that little face!!!

    hope you're well... good to see you back.

  11. Of course we missed you, but I figured you just got lost in a bottle of wine. No harm done.

    And, I'm totally cracking up over here with her little face. She really DOES look suspicious. Hilarious. And dad looks a little confused, too. ;)

  12. Actually, I did miss you. I was starting to think you were never coming back! I'm glad everything is ok though! Welcome back!

  13. I always miss you!

    Oh, I can't wait to see updated photos of Quinn.

  14. I was so excited to see a oat from you in my rss today:-) you were missed!!

  15. omg you were so very very missed! I hope you and Quinn are soaking up the mommy baby time. She really is perfection, isn't she? How's Hiro adjusting? Tell him we all know he's still your "first born." I can't wait for your baby gear post. Now to go follow you on Pinterest. I swear it's not stalking if YOU mentioned it first. xoxo


  16. welcome back!!! she's simply is sooo adorable! My daughter is always naked at home..poor girl..well she has a diaper on of course :D


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