Lacquered up

I love glue. That sounds weird......let me rephrase that.   Glue & I get along really well.

Hmmm, also weird.

I was that kid in 5th grade kindergarten who smeared Elmer's glue all over her fingers just so she could peel it off once it dried (it felt awesome).  Fabric glue, hot glue, liquid nails--I use them all for projects around the house.  This time, hot glue & I spent some time together.

That also sounds weird.

Here's a small project I did 3 months ago (!!!)......I know, I'm prompt.  (Don't put me on your emergency contact list or anything.) I've always admired those sleek lacquered boxes in candy hues that you see in gorgeous vignettes all over design blogs.  Their price tags are just too rich for my blood.  So I was stoked when I saw these great lacquered boxes, priced very reasonably, at The Container Store months ago.

I got to thinking during one of the many late night awakenings with Quinn--how can I replicate the luxe lacquered box look easily?  (During that same night, I also got to thinking, wouldn't it be great if there was an app where I could see a map of my neighborhood showing any other moms who are also up?  This is how my brain cells are put to use.)

I remembered this lovely version but I just didn't have the patience to tape off/paint in my delirious, bleary-eyed state.  Then one day, as I maniacally rooted around in drawers for some ribbon to wrap a belated birthday present for a friend, the answer literally fell into my lap: a leftover roll of black grosgrain ribbon.

A thin bead of hot glue on the back of each ribbon, press on to lacquered box, & done.  
A pleasant surprise was that the ribbon has a subtle sheen to it as well.  
Serendipity is sweet.

The boxes are a vibrant kiwi hue & remind me of spring.  The crackle-glazed honeycomb vase is from West Elm that I also got months ago (still available).  And yes, those are faux orchid sprigs.  I love fresh flowers but I can't afford to buy a bouquet every week so faux is the way to go.  If you can afford it, will you buy me some????

P.S.  I have a fun & adorable gender-neutral nursery to share with you soon (my friend Jen who is due any day now), so stay tuned!


  1. Oh my goodness, i'm pretty sure I was in 3rd or 4th grade when we discovered that if you put Elmer's in the palm of your hand and then let it dry you could peel it off with your hand cracks as the result. We thought that was so cool! Ah youth...

  2. @ Renae: Glad I'm not alone in my glue-on-hand habits, ha!! Kids are hilarious.

  3. Yep I remember how cool we all thought we were cause we all walked around with glue in our palms. Also we would put the glue in our desk in the shape of a heart then peel it of and color on it with markers. BTW,
    LOVE your boxes, I think I see a trip to the Container Store in my future. :)

  4. They're cute! I am not crafty and never have been, and I confess that I don't understand why the glue has to be hot. Why wouldn't regular, room temperature also work for glueing on ribbon? (Eek, sorry to be so "duh.")


    PS) I always wanted to chat with other moms during night feedings too! An app would be awesome.

  5. @ Crissy: Now THAT's creative! Maybe I wasn't the only "weird" kid like I thought. =]

    @ jbhat: I know! Wouldn't an app be awesome?! Regarding the hot glue--I tried regular room temp glue in this situation & it didn't bond w/ the shiny lacquer surface of the boxes. I think the hot temp of the hot glue helps the materials bond when it comes to plastics & such?

  6. I'm so with you on the flowers - I only buy if we are having a couple over for dinner!

  7. So snazzy - I've been admiring similar boxes lately, and this is a great shortcut!

    And I think your faux orchids look quite good. I love to have flowers around too but haven't really found any fabric ones that look good enough to pass off... so I usually go for the $5 bouquets at Trader Joe's every couple of weeks.

  8. Looks very elegant nice touch care to share where to buy the strage unit for the wine glasses??? It's lovely

  9. I like glue, glue is great. I think you did an amazing job on those boxes, sex bomb!

  10. LOL!! I still love peeling the dried glue off! Especially when I can see the fingerprint... good times.

  11. @ Anonymous: Thanks! That little hutch was purchased from Crate & Barrel 8 yrs ago but this one's similar:

  12. Love this project!

    I also used to love peeling dried glue off my fingers...

  13. thank you for the hutch resource god bless u and your sweet family!!

  14. ohhh, you were one of the kids i thought was really weird in 3rd grade :) super cute project!

  15. You know I was the weird kid next to you with the big cowlick and uneven bangs, peeling dried glue off her palm and saying, "Look, I'm peeling!"...right? that was me. Except obviously I was held back if you and I shared a classroom!

    Love your box! bahaha. I saw those at CS recently and stared at them for a really long time.

  16. I love the green boxes! I laughed about the glue. I remember peeling it off and looking at my finger print.

  17. I was OBSESSED with letting glue dry on the back of my hand just to peel it off in school. Ok, I did it on my palm fingers and anyother body party I thought would be cool to peel from :)

    LOVE the boxes, cute DIY!

  18. WOW! Seriously thought your photo was a pic from West Elm before I had a chance to read the text! It's gorgeous!


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