Room Tour: Alice's Adorable, Mod Nursery

Meet my friend Jen 
(the tall, willowy one in the, I'm not bitter):
L to R: Sam, Jen, me
I probably should've asked their permission first before posting this pic.
Well.......they look FAB so they shouldn't be too pissed off.
I think now I'm the one pissed off--ha.

I can't believe this is the most recent photo I have of us (taken ~1 yr ago).  And it's not at all scandalous.  I guess when scandalous debauchery did ensue, we were too busy committing it to actually document it.   Us in a nutshell: Jen & I have been friends for years & we share a love for wine, food & home design/decor.  We chugged  sipped our way thru Sonoma a couple summers ago, but that's a story for another day.  I credit her for my growing love for all things mid-century modern; look no further than her home to see what I mean.  
Today I'm sharing the sweet & stylish nursery she created.  Jen & Patrick opted to be surprised when it came to finding out their little one's gender, so she had 'gender-neutral' in mind when she set about designing this room.  After a long, eventful labor (J, you're freaking amazing, girl), Alice Jude arrived last Monday just 3 hours past her due date.  How cool is that name?!  Alice is going to love her room.

{ Note: Jen assembled a source list that can be viewed at the end of this post. }

The serene grey walls (Benjamin Moore Thundercloud) provide such a great neutral backdrop.
Jen was all about Etsy when it came to finding unique items for Alice's nursery, like this custom handmade quilt. The patterned patches of teal, aqua, grey & lemon yellow work so harmoniously together.
SO insanely digging the crib--you don't often see a crib in this soft shade of grey.  Love it!

What is it about bunting that adds such a universally fun factor to a room?

A cheery changing pad cover combo of charcoal-grey Swiss dots & bold yellow chevron:

The changing table/dresser is a vintage mid-century mod gem that she completely refurbished:

The whimsical artwork reminds me of pages from a beloved vintage children's book.
(I have to point out those adorable green Wellies on the child in the print on the right.  At first glance, the art could've been meant for a baby boy's room but Jen intended it to be a depiction of a mini Patrick, aka Baby Daddy.  Ha!)

Every baby needs a custom portrait of the family's precious pup to gaze at (furry older sister Seeley):

Mmmmm, an efficient, organized closet:

I love how she added graphic punch with that color block pillow & geometric rug.  Plus I almost passed out from the perfectly pint-sized scale of that lamp!  The versatile storage ottoman & the slim profile of the slip-covered Ikea chair fit so ideally into this room. (FYI: I've clocked many hours in our own Ikea chair over the past 4.5 months & I can attest that it's so comfy/functional.)

Since the baby's gender was still a surprise, Jen had bought two wall letters.  
An ' ' for the girl's name & a ' ' for the boy's name.  
That's my well-prepared friend for you.  Looks like she'll be returning the ' ' now. =]

Handmade Quilt--Little Bird Sundries on Etsy
White Bunting Pennant--Heidi Adnum on Etsy
Gray Crib--Baby Mod Modena 3 in 1 from Wal-Mart
Letter A--Scallop Mesh Letters from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child
Valance, 4x6 Charcoal Rug, Storage Ottoman--Target
Puppy Pop Art--Laura KG on Etsy
White Metal Bookshelf--Lerberg from Ikea
Closet Organization--Metal Drawers, Hamper, Hanging Cubbie from Ikea
Mid Mod Dresser--Repainted, Used Furniture Store
4 Prints (giraffe, boy, elephant, lamb)--Trafalgar's Square on Etsy
Changing Pad Cover--House of Henderson on Etsy
Chair--Ektorp Jennylund from Ikea
Color Block Pillow Cover--Pillowhappy on Etsy
Paint Color--Benjamim Moore Thundercloud Gray

Thanks so much for sharing Alice's nursery, Jen!!  
Hope you're getting some well-deserved rest & enjoying getting to know your "Itty Bitty".  =]


  1. Gorgeous nursery! I love those colors together. Perfection.

  2. A beautiful nursery for a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing it!!

  3. That room is adorable! I'm not sure what it is about the bunting, but you're right - it adds a lot of fun. Like me at a party.

  4. I adore that pretty baby quilt. So perfect! The whole room is sweet and cozy.

  5. Awww, I am totally having a wardrobe like that for my babies with all their little babygros hung up on hangers! It looks so sweet :)


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