Quinn: 2, 3, & 4 months

To document each monthly milestone of Quinn's first year, we'll be taking photos of her with these fun monthly stickers courtesy of Sticky Bellies{ Sidenote: I've bought these to include in baby shower gifts for my expectant friends & they're always a hit! }

So since I'm fierce competition when it comes to being Super Mom (has noone invented a sarcasm font yet or is that what italics is for), I thought I'd blog Quinn's 2, 3 & 4 month photos all in one post.  I'm that far behind, but at least we took the photos on time(ish).  I also had intended to recap her developmental milestones in each monthly post but these past few months have all blurred together.  I jotted down notes when she did something fun/awesome/progressive but they're so indecipherable, a summary from memory will have to suffice.  Hope this failure on my part won't make her hate me when she gets older.  If she does write a Mommy Dearest memoir, I wouldn't blame her.  Who am I kidding, I'd totally buy 10 copies because hey I'm in a book!

{ Some Quinn notables ('Quotables', har!) from the past few months }

* Learned to smile & laugh up a storm.  She really is a happy baby most of the time, despite her catnapping which you'd think would make her fussy.

* Discovered her hands.  Discovered her left foot.  Discovered her right foot.  Discovered she can fit all these in her mouth.

* Can "hold a conversation" by cooing, gurgling, squealing in response.

* Has been reaching for/picking up/tugging on/lunging for toys, people's hair, my earrings (no more dangly earrings for me for a while), etc. like a squirmy monkey.

* We transitioned her to her crib at 3 months & started sleep training (a combo of the Ferber method & the no-cry method).  We must've read 6 baby sleep books between the two of us.  It was rough for a few weeks (esp. since she'd been sleeping pretty well for 5 hour stretches at night which is actually amazing for our little firecracker).  Honestly, I don't think any of the methods worked on Quinn.  Everything takes patience & commitment when it comes to babies, so we just found a routine that worked for her/us.  Now she sleeps "through the night", which for her means 7 hour stretches.  The wonderful thing is that Quinn has always been a star at putting herself back to sleep........at night.  Not so much for naps. Believe me, I've tried it all (for weeks & weeks) when it came to getting her to nap longer (30 min. is the usual).  Some babies are just catnappers & light sleepers.  Quinn's one of them.  Little high-maintenance stinker.  I'm somewhere between still trying/hoping she'll grow out of it/embracing this whole catnap thing!

* Learned to roll over at 3.5 months but only from back to front (which is the opposite from most babies, apparently?).  Cue another week or so of restless sleep for all of us, sweet! I must've checked the baby video monitor every 5 min. during that time.

* Is great at playing independently though I still hover anxiously (out of her sight)....can you say control freak.

* Just yesterday, learned to finally roll back the other way (front to back). Yay!

* Starting to reach for me when she sees me.

* Still exclusively breastfed (w/ the exception of a bottle of my pumped milk if I'm away, which is not often) & nursing like a champ now.  However, she's becoming increasingly aware of her surroundings so it's somewhat of a challenge to keep her focused.  My nipps have finally healed, though they'll probably never look the same.  Did it just get weird in here...........

* Finally realized that Hiro exists.  Proceeded to reach over & gently grab a fistful of his hair.  Hiro was extremely calm about it all.  We were supervising the whole thing, as we try to always do when it comes to this type of interaction.  The last thing we want is for Hiro (our geriatric gentle giant) to feel uncomfortable & react.  It was actually a heartwarming & endearing moment.

* Her baby hair's falling out!

* Eyes are still that mysterious navy-grey-blue most babies are born with, though there's some hazel coming thru.

* Not so much a milestone, but just for fun here's Quinn's ethnicity (someone check my math):
1/8 German
1/8 Italian
1/4 Norwegian
1/4 Vietnamese
1/4 Chinese
                She's not going to find that box to check on official forms, HA!

Some outtakes from our photo shoots:

OK, now that I'm all caught up let's hope I can post next month's photo on time!
Not holding my breath. =]

Quinn: 1 month


  1. I'm not sure how I came across your blog, but I just have to tell you that I think your baby is absolutely adorable. What a doll!

  2. 4 is the sweet spot. You are over the MAJOR hurdle. It is so awesome. The can communicate and not move. Enjoy yourself. These are such happy times. All my love for you and baby.

  3. She is so freakin adorable! And I'm so glad that your nips are feeling good, mine are looking so weird right now I totally get the 'never look the same' comment. Oh well. Good thing we're married and not in the porn business.

  4. She really is a beautiful child! Great photos too. Pup is sweet!

  5. Oh my gosh! I don't think I've seen a cuter bebe!! She is getting so big! Enjoy every minute!

  6. What a sweetie! I almost dropped my iPhone when I read that she is 4 months already. I can't get over that.

    Such a precious girl!

  7. Could your child be any more adorable??? Seriously, alarmingly cute. My little girl was a cat napper too. 30 minutes on the dot and I wanted to scratch my eyes out. Fast forward to today, at 16 months, and she's a fantastic sleeper and napper. I think naps started to change around 6 mo..? Anyway, just know it won't last forever!

  8. ok, i'm officially obsessed with your child! and i'll tell you, so many things on her "notables" list made me nod my head and say, "I feel ya, girl!"

    Seems like she and sisi are a lot alike! Esp. the catnapping w/ good night sleep, the grabbing fistfulls of dog hair, and the horrible week of sleep after she learned to roll over. Luckily, no other subsequent milestone has interrupted her sleep nearly as much as the rolling over did. oy, that was such a hard week! i remember it like it was yesterday!

  9. I just have to say that Quinn is such a pretty baby! Also, my son was/is a cat napper. He only started taking longer naps (ie: 45-90 minutes) when he got to be around 10 months. And that's only for his morning nap. I've learned to accept it, embrace it, and move on. Sort of.

  10. You have the cutest baby ever. Sometimes I find myself lying to people because, let's be honest, some babies are ugly. I was one of them. But Quinn? Beautiful.

  11. She is definitely one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. Her facial expressions are too adorable!

  12. She is SO cute!!! It's amazing how much she's changed from month to month!

  13. I just heart her. She's going to be a beauty. Get ready to fend off the suiters, Mr. FC.


  14. To flippin' cute! My sister is expecting (my first niece or nephew, yay!) and I'm so getting her the sticky bellies...love it!

  15. So cute!! What a difference b/w 2 mo's and 3 mo's!

  16. haha, maybe by then they'll have a box on forms that reads "check for all of the above."

    That's a great mix and she's a real cutie!

    Mine was a light napper too. Maybe I'd get 30 minutes, maybe 45. An hour was a blessing. She made it this far, so I'm not so worried about it now.

  17. You should totally make babies for a living. Or rent out your womb. You've got the market covered for cutest baby ever!!!

    And if she's fed and mostly clean most of the time, then you're mother of the year. Baby steps.

  18. She is sooooo cute! Wish I had done a better job with photos when mine were babies. These little moments are priceless - that photo with the foot in her hand - too cute for words!

  19. She's so beautiful!! What a cutie!

  20. Oh my, she is a stunning little gal. Can she and Theron get married? : )

  21. Hmmm, not sure why my last post wasn't published, but I have to say she gets more beautiful month by month! And absolutely love the photo of Hiro & Quinn with Hiro looking so exasperated. Hilarious.


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