Guest bedroom snippets

I was on a search for the perfect nightstands for the guest bedroom, but realized that we have these simple end tables (a Home Goods purchase from last year) just collecting dust in our garage.  After all, do guests really need much besides a surface for an alarm clock, glass of water, & a few personal belongings?

Admittedly, they're not my first choice.  But budget-wise they're 'free'.  Looks-wise though they leave a bit to be desired.  I decided to give them a campaign look with these incredibly affordable brass corners (inspired by this project):

They're a very subtle detail, I know--I live & breathe this sort of shiz.  Mr. FC doesn't really get the little upgrade, but I love the campaign-esque look the brass corners give the tables.  Guest bedroom 'nightstands' done..... moving on with life.

I've been feeling frugal, so I decided to forgo a new mirror for this room as depicted in my idea board.  Instead, I dug out an old sunburst mirror (also a Home Goods purchase from a while back) that was also just marinating in dust in our garage.  It's lightweight & drilled into a wall stud so hopefully it won't come crashing down on guests (or Mr. FC who sleeps down here occasionally to escape baby noises if he has a big client meeting on the horizon).

Working on a headboard this weekend.  Here's hoping I'll have something good to share soon.

DIY a headboard
find nightstands
hang a fun mirror above bed
get throw pillows & bedding
find unique bedside lamps
DIY (faux) potted orchids for nightstands
find/hang artwork or photos on wall opposite bed
find bench or ottoman for foot of bed

Hope you all have a great week!
Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there 
(whether your baby is human, furry, or four-legged)!!

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