My (1st) Mother's Day

If you're sick of all the Mother's Day posts floating around the blogosphere,'s one more.  HA!  Just want to document my first Mother's Day more for myself than anything, so just skip this post if this sort of thing makes you want to barf.

Though we had company staying with us, Mr. FC surprised me with a beautiful bunch of hydrangeas. Where did those come from?! Talk about a double-take; thought I was hallucinating due to lack of sleep.

On Mother's Day morning, we were all snuggling in bed when I glimpsed a small box nestled in the covers.  A delicate necklace bearing Quinn's initial & her birthstone (citrine) handmade by this Etsy seller.  So sweet.  So meaningful.  I'm not usually a necklace person but I LOVE IT.
I believe Mr. FC asked me: "Have you ever heard of Etsy?"  I stifled a snort.
Aw, Mr. FC & his oblivious-ness (he rarely reads this blog,can you tell).

Mother's Day cards from my amazing extended family 
(thanks for the Amazon giftcard, Tamara & Alan!):

Mr. FC & I are not sappy, romantical people (our first "date" was in college at a fraternity Jungle Juice party, for crying out loud--still don't know how we're going to tell Quinn that story) but this card from him made me weepy-eyed:

Obviously Mother's Day is not enough incentive to encourage me out of my yoga pants 
(or Quinn out of her sleep 'n' play outfit):

After a nice, long walk we had a relaxed dinner at home of marinated grilled flank steak (recipe courtesy of my pa-in-law), orzo salad (recipe courtesy of my mother-in-law), & crunchy-fresh steamed green beans.  

And wine. Of course.  This is my current favorite Malbec for under $10:

On that wine-y was a perfect, peaceful day.

P.S.  Mr. FC also kindly kicked me out of the house for a couple hours with orders to enjoy some "me time".  I felt completely naked without a baby, carseat, stroller & diaper bag to lug around for once.  So I went & got a soy chai from my favorite local coffee shop just so I'd have something to hold.  I proceeded to chug it down far too quickly......I realized I've forgotten how to savor food/drink slowly ever since I became a mom.  Then I wandered around Target only to find myself buying one thing: a dress for Quinn.  Apparently I need more practice at this "me time" thing.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and/or Mother's Day, too!


  1. My girls are 2 and 5 and that's still pretty much how I spend my me time. It's a mom thing.

  2. Quinn is getting so big and beautiful!! Looks like you have a great first mother's day!

  3. Happy first mother's day, FC! Yes, it's hard to adjust to me time when you're always so focused on a little, but I'm confident you'll get better at it as time goes on. Plus, it's fun to shop for little girls. They don't have quite the body issues that we have.

  4. Good God your kid's gorgeous! Happy 1st Mother's Day, FC! Also, B's and my first date was to a fraternity party with lots of jungle juice. All the best couples start out with enough jungle juice in them to make questionable decisions for an evening and pretend that most of the previous night didn't happen the next day. Right?

  5. What a great day! And I love the necklace - your husband did very well! Especially since he was able to find this newfangled place called Etsy. Love it.

    And the picture of you and Quinn is too cute. What a gorgeous couple of gals.

  6. Happy Mothers Day! Oh how I love hydrangeas! They make me think of my wedding day! :)

  7. happy firsts mother's day!!!! my husband rarely look at my blog unless i blog about our lil girl and he would go just to look at the pictures. look like you had a great first Mday!

  8. Happy belated Mother`s day! It`s nice to see that everyone treated you so sweetly on your first one. Looks like you are well loved and what a cute baby you have! Congrats.


  9. What a stellar Mother's Day! Love that sweet necklace. And thanks for the bonus picture of Q. She is so cute!

  10. "Have you heard of Etsy" made me smile. Your recap of your very first mother's day made me smile too. I'm glad your family took such nice care of you.


  11. Happy 1st Mother's Day...yours is my favorite post about it! Mr. FC did a great job with the gifts and giving you some free time.

    PS- Quinn is SO adorable
    PPS- Thanks for ending on the wine note- I'm putting that on my shopping list:)

  12. skinny bee!!! are you sure you didn't have that yummy baby via surrogate???

  13. Sounds like a great day. You look great, yoga pants and all! :)

  14. Happy belated mother's day!!! Sounds like you had an awesome day. I chuckle at your "me time", haha, you should see how fast I can down a meal nowadays!

  15. Awww that is so sweet, what a good hubby:-)

  16. Too funny about the 'me time'...I think I will be the same way when I get an hour to shop.

  17. Happy Belated Mother's Day to one of the best moms in the world.

    Mr. Freckles Chick is the best, ever! He done good. :) OMG Quinn is just gorgeous.

  18. Glad you had a great day! I don't know if you'll ever get your me-time mojo completely back. My daughter is 17 months old, and i had a couple of hours to myself last night. In my Target wandering I had to FORCE myself to stay OUT of the baby section. FORCE! And thanks for such honesty in your more recent post about your experience after Q was born. I had some baby blues too and was COMPLETELY unprepared for them, despite the warnings of doctors/baby classes. Glad you are on the other side. And my little gal wasn't so fond of bottles either :) I swear a turning point occurred after she watched her cousin taking a bottle (and naturally, she wants any and everything he has), after we tried every bottle known to man. Hang in there! When she is a wild and crazy toddler you will be glad for all of that sweet snuggle time :)


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