Quinn: 5, 6, 7, & 8 months

To document each monthly milestone of Quinn's first year, we'll be taking photos of her with these fun monthly stickers courtesy of Sticky Bellies

Quinn is now 8.5 months old, which means I'm behind in posting her monthly photos yet again.  I'm, if anything, consistent.  Rather than bore you with her milestones month-by-month, here's a summary of where she's at now (below pics).  
You'll notice we've given up on trying to get her to sit still................
This little girl has her own sassafras agenda, that's for sure.
:) happy

* Is a full-fledged crawler (started around 6.5 months).......little hellion, she is.  The girl can cruise out of my sight in the blink of an eye.  Between breastfeeding & keeping up with her all day, my calories are a-burning.

* We were on a great sleep-thru-the-night run for about a month.......then she hit month 5 & started teething & sleep just went to sh!t from there.  At its worst, she'd wake every 1.5 hrs.  At its best, 3 hrs.  This went on for 3 months & we have now worked back up to 5 hrs of solid sleep before waking (that's not counting the initial attempts to get lay down in her crib!)......just in time for her next teeth to sprout.  HA!  Time for some more sleep training!  I can't recall what sleeping more than 4 continuous hours feels like.  Ah well, this is our new normal.  I'm tired.  (:| yawn

* Showing mild stranger anxiety.  I'm trying to socialize her more by joining playgroups/playdates.

* Super vocal.  Says "Mamamamama" (we doubt she knows what it means yet) & "Bababababa".  Also just shrieks for no particular reason.

* Starting to assert her will when it comes to diaper changes, feedings, clothing changes.  Wonder where she gets it from? :: ::I ask innocently::::  We're in trouble.

* I'm still dairy-free because she's still showing signs of a lactose sensitivity.  Maybe she'll grow out of it?

* Breastfeeding every 4 hours now.

* Still won't take a bottle (or pacifier) so it's straight from the source (aka my boobs) for her (good thing I work from home)..........which means I'm rarely away from my little firecracker.  Now that she's on solids, I get a bit more of a window to leave her w/ daddy just to get a mini break to do fun stuff (like catch up on work).  Have I mentioned I'm tired?  HA!!

* Will climb on to/scale up/launch herself off of anything if given the chance......just like her snowboarding/surfing/skateboarding/biking daddy.  Before she started crawling, I swear she invented the sport of extreme sitting.

* Loving solid foods especially avocado, sweet potato, squash, broccoli, carrot, pear & apple.  She gets a kick out of taking tiny sips of water from a grown-up cup but refuses the sippy cup.  How backwards is that?!

* Pulls up to a standing position all by herself.  She'll even take a few steps whilst holding on to her Walk-Along push toy.  Not sure if I'm ready for my baby girl to walk quite yet.....I mean, we just got used to babyproofing house shizz for her crawling!

* Naps are a bit longer now (will usually take a 1.5 hr one & a 40 min. one).  I'll take it.

* Is in the 90th percentile for length, which is a riot considering we're her parents (I'm 5'5 & Mr. FC's 5'11).

* Eyes are still blue-grey w/ flecks of hazel.  I get lost staring into them (when she sits still enough for me to do so, that is).

* Has a lovely, sunny, hilarious personality most of the time.......unless we're trying to put her to bed, of course.  :-O surprise

A little photo fun with our favorite girl:

Resisting my love........................

............and she's bouncing off once again.

She cooperates for her daddy.  Of course.
The little butt nugget.

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