Where did my blogging mojo go?

Hello?  HELLO..........HELLO.........HELLO.........
Those are pathetic echoes up in here.  Man, this blog sorta sucks.  

I haven't been blogging because I've been up to all sorts of fun stuff  & accomplishing pretty decor feats.
No.  That is a lie.

Instead of blogging (& reading my favorite blogs) I've been over on Pinterest, pinning away my little pockets of free time.  Pinning recipes I  probably will never make, outfits I could never pull off, DIY projects I'll never get to, & witty/inspirational sayings that I alone find hilarious/make me feel better about myself.

Thanks for bearing with me whilst I recover my blogging mojo.   

In other news, I occasionally like to check my Blogger stats to see where my blog traffic is coming from (most importantly so that I can thank the blogger(s) responsible for directing readers to my sucky  blog.......I may be a bad blogger but proper etiquette is still a priority).  
One day I found this little gem:
I can probably blame this post for it.

Some of you have asked about Hiro (whom we still consider our "first" baby, ha!).  
Yes he's alive & just celebrated his 11th birthday with an organic liver brownie from the doggie bakery & a fresh batch of bison bones.  Poor guy's arthritis has gotten worse in the last month so his beloved walks have been fewer & slower.  
He & Quinn have been getting to know each other well:

Been doing some swimming:
ETA: That's Mr. FC's girly hand, not mine.

And to round out this amazing post (Cassie, where's that sarcasm font you keep promising me), a little family pic (Hiro doesn't like crowds so he stayed home) from the Friday night Summer Street Faire that goes on in our little town.  Some of you have already seen this via Mr. FC's Facebook page (I'm still resisting the Bookface, as Mr. FC refers to it).  
Thanks for Quinn's dress, Michelle & thanks for snapping this pic, Heather!!

Hope you're having a fun summer!!


  1. Could your family be any cuter? All these things are valid reasons for being away. Particularly Pinterest. The only thing that has saved my out of control Google Reader is the Newsify app on my phone. Now I read while I'm feeding Henry 24/7. Mother of the Year!

  2. You all are too cute for words.

    I get it with the Pinterest addiction. When I joined Facebook, I didn't blog for two months. Bananas.

  3. Did I miss that marijuana post?? Better to be spending time with that cute family of yours than blogging anyway. Quinn is the perfect blend of the you and Mr.FC. Love her dress!

  4. Well its nice to see how much Pinterest is a time suck for others too. This way I don't feel bad when I look at the clock and notice its midnight. Oops!

  5. I am definitely the "dark grey nursery paint colors" searcher. haha. I found your grey + yellow pic and then stuck around because your blog seemed cool!

    Your little one is super cute!!

  6. I here ya on the sucky blog. Don't worry, it will get back to former greatness!
    Like mine...I hope. Your baby is so freakin adorable!

  7. ohmygosh -- I literally hunched over my computer laughing at your google keywords! and when i say literally, i mean literally. not the overused and throwing around kind of literally...not like people say LOL, when they didn't literally laugh out loud. I literally LOL'd!

    Okay, that's clear. Dude -- if we were able to create a sarcastic font, it would be our ticket out of this rat race! we could retire, nurse babies and hang out on pinterest. screw bookface, we'll go public and it will be successful. Literally.

    and ps -- the baby in the pool pic, might have just made me lactate. After 5 years of being a dried up ole bitty. And love the family shot...I always love a little FC...or rather, love what a marijuana plant looks like.

    and pps -- disregard my nagging comment earlier...your chandy is whimsy again now that it's no longer the lead post for 45 days. ;)

    Now i'm really done.

  8. Me again, your friendly neighborhood stalker. I just had to check my keywords, and dang it if I've got nothing good! Hi sugarplum, hey sugarplum, hello sugarplum (we get it) -- oh and how to make shizz without sewing. that came up alot. I need to get more interesting. clearly

  9. ohnygosh, that is too hilarious! who searches this stuff, seriously!? Glad to hear you're enjoying your adorable little family. I want one of those floaty pool things for Alice, actually I think I want a pool first!

  10. Haha. Very funny. With mojo or without, you are still one of my faves! And your little family is just too adorable for words!

  11. OMG- I'm totally off to check my keywords, but probably won't get anything as awesome as yours! And that last picture is adorable!!

  12. You are the cutest family ever, made for TV cute! I love to hear the Hiro update, our Charlie is much in the same position. Slowing down but still young at heart.

  13. Cutest family pic ever!! And good know to you're still blogging occasionally :) We missed you!

  14. hihihi hope your mojo comes back fast! :D New follower!

  15. Aww, Quinn and Hiro! Dude, Mr. FC could totally be a hand model. He's got some beautiful hands.

  16. I just stumbled upon your blog today and fell in love! My husband and I are in our late twenties and just had our first daughter in November 2011. As I was skimming along I was chuckling at some very familiar situations - postpartum hair loss (that was a horrible disaster), comfy pants and tank tops (so much easier for breastfeeding), rehabbing craiglist finds (I also tend to be a color-phob - I'll take neutrals any day!), the use of organic and natural products... man I could go on and on. I just wanted to say that it's so nice to find like minded people out there. So thanks for blogging! Oh and btw - your daughter is freakin' adorable but I'm sure you hear that all the time. ;) --Beth


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