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I'm guest blogging over at Brooklyn Limestone today as part of Mrs. Limestone's Trash To Treasure Transformation series. 

Brooklyn Limestone was one of the first blogs I ever read all those years ago & to this day Mrs. L never ceases to inspire, whether it's her gorgeous home, stunning projects, or guest blogger series.  If I lived in Brooklyn, I wouldn't hesitate to invite myself over to her beautiful abode......and if she were to refrain from locking me out, I'd take the opportunity to gape at all the amazeballs eye candy that is Brooklyn Limestone.  Open mouth, wide eyes, drool dripping, heavy breathing.

You know, only if it didn't weird her out.  I can weird people out easily.  
{But you already know that...........and if you didn't then, hello, have we met?}

So I'd love for you to join me as I share my own trash to treasure transformation.  It's nothing big or fancy; just turned some of my junk into something fashionably functional (for almost free) & had lots of fun doing so.

Take a look at these fine, fabulous ladies who are also participating in the series!

A glimpse into their transformations:

Thanks so much for having me, S!!


  1. Love your jewelry stand - I'm off to clean out my storage closet now. That will probably take longer than it will to make one of these!

  2. That is so amazing, I want one too now!

  3. Someone else who wears yellow gold jewelry!! While it's gaining in popularity, sometimes I feel like the only one.

  4. When I saw all of the pictures you posted about the bloggers' transformation, the jewelry stand project immediately caught my eye. So naturally I tried to click on the beautiful white and gold stand covered with beautiful jewelry & my favorite nail polish! I just had to know who made that! Since clicking on the pic didn't work, I used your link up above and of course when I am led Brooklyn LImsetone website, my favorite project of the bunch turned out to be done by you!! This is why I'm addicted to your blog - your taste is amazing! Great job with the stand, jewelry and colors! I love it!!

  5. PS where are all 3 pairs of earrings from? They're amazing!

    1. HAHAHA! Becca, your comment made my day! Thx so much for your awesome compliments, you are too kind. And yay, we're nail polish twins. =]

      The teardrop gold lasercut earrings, orange chandelier earrings, & gold hoops are all from Nordstrom over the years!


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