Good-bye to our sweet boy Hiro

After 11 years with us, our sweet boy Hiro has gone “home” again.  Not a day went by where he didn’t bring joy, laughter, & love to our lives.  Not a day went by where we didn’t plan some part of our day around our good boy.  From the moment he joined our family (at 4 months old as a rescued pound puppy), he was the center of our universe; he was our whole world.  He taught us how to be honest, patient, & enjoy the pure, sweet things in life.

He symbolized the start of our lives in Colorado all those years ago.  He never met a meal he didn’t like or a squirrel he didn’t want to chase.  We often joked that he had an almost spotless record when it came to pooping/peeing in the house (it only happened twice his whole life & he seemed very embarrassed by those occurrences).  He loved walks & hikes, treats, nature, camping, begging for table scraps, taking naps, watching the world from our deck, hanging his head out the car window, sleeping spread-eagle on his back, & being with us.  He was our kind, gentle giant.  We always believed that there was a human soul behind his velvety brown eyes.

Over the last few weeks, our good boy was not well.  He had made miraculous recoveries before & we channeled everything we had into finding out what was wrong & making him as comfortable as possible.  Scans showed it was inoperable liver cancer & his health was deteriorating rapidly.  We spent most of Monday and Tuesday together as a family: he struggled a bit, but both days he was able to walk his favorite trail, wade in his favorite creek, & gobbled up some favorite meals.  We made heartwrenching plans to have our vet come to our home on Tuesday evening to help us say good-bye.  But then we decided at the last minute to give him a couple more days (with the blessings of our vet).

However, later that evening he came to us with a clear sign that he was ready & that it was time.  So we decided to let him go.  With some help, we said good-bye to him.  We told him that we loved him so very much and thanked him over and over again for everything he had given us.  Our sweet boy gently & peacefully slipped away from this life, in the comfort of his own home.

Our hearts are heavy, yet we feel a lightness knowing that he is free.  He’s probably running around on his favorite trail up there with the wind fluttering through his soft, downy hair & his big paws pounding the path….his very own Elysian Fields.  After we said good-bye to him, we sat in our backyard.  It was a perfect balmy summer night & at that moment when we missed him so very much, a breeze rolled through the trees & we knew.  That he was there with us & always will be.

You all were a part of his life & we just wanted you to know about our beloved boy.
We will always miss him with all our hearts.