If I thanked you all a million times, it wouldn't be enough.  To the moon & back?  That's not even close to showing my gratitude.  Your condolences for our Hiro lifted our spirits & tugged at our heartstrings.  You all truly know how beloved pets are & how much they are missed when they leave this earth.

As we've gone about our days, the house feels emptier.  I can't tell you how many times we've craned our necks to needlessly check his water/food bowls.  How many times we've perked up our ears to listen for the flappity-flap of the doggie door or the soft padding of gentle giant paws on our hardwood floors.  How many times we've absentmindedly reached down to pat his downy head.  I vacuumed today & couldn't help thinking that no longer will those furry tumbleweeds be floating by.

But reading your comments full of compassion, condolences, & anecdotes of your own furry family members have helped so much.  More than my words can convey.  We've read every single one over & over again.  A few friends & readers said that Hiro helped us become the parents we are now.  We couldn't agree more; we believe he primed us to be the best parents possible to Quinn.  There was no better inspiration than our sweet boy.

I have projects to share (a DIY headboard, a changed-up credenza vignette, updated living room) but feel a bit silly blogging about that right now, so I'm just taking a few days to enjoy these lazy hazy days of summer with family.  By the way, I'm new to Instagram & loving it (username is freckleschic4 or you can just click the "follow" button above my snaps seen on my sidebar).  It is lazy  laid-back blogging at its finest :) happy, so for now I'll be there if you're interested in my musings on the mundane.

That's all for now. 
 I just wanted to pop in & express how thankful I am to all of you for your kindness.  
Thank you from the depths of our hearts.