Corralling closet clutter: over-the-door giftwrap storage

Hi, I'm blogging again.  I've missed you.  :) happy

We've had some great quality time with family visitors (my mom, then my mother-in-law & her husband, who all flew here from Iowa).  How I wish Quinn's grandparents lived closer so they could babysit weekly soak up every minute of Quinn growing up.  Though we're loving that her aunt & uncle just moved to Colorado to babysit.

It seems like the more chaotic/sleep deprived life gets, the more I crave organization & control.  I've always been like that--I probably had the most organized dorm room in college during finals week.  Amidst the emotional roller coaster that was August, I tackled my mess of giftwrapping crap.  The chaos was corralled by using this inexpensive over-the-door pantry organizer that I had bought ages ago for the (duh) pantry (i.e., coat closet converted to pantry).  We have since replaced the pantry's old, nasty door with a white bifold one so the organizer was rendered useless in that I repurposed it for a different closet.  

I can't take any credit for this idea because there are variations of this giftwrapping station all over the friggin' internets..........though I initially saw it last year on BHG:  
Not my space.

Here's my version:
My sassy little helper.

The chaos is corralled.

I just added a strand of floral-gauge wire I had on hand to keep the rolls of wrapping paper in line.

It might not look like it, but those giftbags really do stay put even when I madly fling the door open.
I might add another strand of wire just in case.

The ribbon caddy is just a cheap acrylic compartment thing from The Container Store.
The gifttag holder is an old cotton swab holder (the lid was shattered during a move)....sometimes I keep things.

It functions well & holds everything securely.  It's hidden.  It uses vertical space for "floating" storage, which scores major points with me.  The whole setup is pretty stable/stationary though I might throw in a couple screws to anchor the lower extension for added stability.  

How do you store your giftwrapping? 
Would love to hear them as I'm sure there will be another bout of sleep deprivation on my horizon. 
Now, who needs a present wrapped?


  1. This is so awesome. Come to my house and do the same for me. we have one of those upright wrapping paper tupperware things. Works pretty well except for those darn rolls that are taller than others. The tall ones are in a magazine holder (wtf!) in my office. I'm nothing if not random in my storage choices.

  2. So simple and yet so effective! That's the best type of combination in my mind.

  3. This is great! Organization brings my mind peace as well. I have one of those plastic gift wrap container units, but hate it. It doesn't fit tall gift wrap rolls, and the bags end up at the bottom, with no order at all. I will definitely have to copy this idea!

  4. I love this! Quinn's face is priceless. She's all "Look, I am serious about organization people". I totally feel you on the no family in town stuff, so hard! We went back to Iowa last month and can I tell you how glorious it was to get my hair done and go to Target alone? Amazing.

  5. This is a great use of space and keeps all that wrapping stuff in one place! Love it.

  6. Giftwrapping? If not for bags, things would not get "wrapped."

    Can you come organize my sewing room please? I'll babysit!

  7. My gift wrap is all in a huge Rubbermaid tote. It's a mess. This is a much better solution. Good work.

  8. Great idea! I might try this for the back of my office door, if not for gift wrapping-specific supplies, for craft supplies at least. I feel like my presents would look a million times better if I could actually find the stuff when it comes time to wrap a gift!

  9. Genius!! I need to create one of these when move back in our house. I'm that crazy person who buys tons of tissue paper and ribbon and never can find any for warping presents, so of course I just buy more, lol It's an illness

  10. good idea. now to find an abandoned pantry rack.

    oh, and favorite line: sometimes I keep things.

  11. I love the new look of your blog! And this idea! What a great way to keep things all neat and tidy.
    The sassy helper is always good to have too!

  12. Get out of my head! I'm working on the same project now! I contribute to I Heart Organizing, so that's massive pressure to put a fo realz organizing thing together. My gift wrap is in two buckets under my son's bed, in bins of a kitchen cabinet, and in the closet of the spare bedroom. Good luck to me, right?!?! Love yours, and thanks for the links! you have purty paper. (say that like a perv, that's how it sounded in my head when i was typing it.)

  13. Nice job - and what a cutie your little helper is!

  14. I love this! I wrestle with organization, especially of the miscellaneous once in a while things like wrapping paper. Not too long ago, in an effort to organize my wrapping paper, I actually bought a container that was supposed to be for wrapping paper, but half of my rolls were too long to fit in and there was no room left for gift bags. I'm definitely going to give this a try.

  15. Love it! I need to do something similar with all my wrapping stuff since it's just all stuffed in a box at the moment.

  16. That is a great solution! I'm just getting ready to start my USA BOOK TOUR of my new book, TOTAL HOME MAKEOVER, and I'd like to feature your blog and even perhaps this post. Email me at


  17. I absolutely love this and am going to Walmart ASAP to snag this organizer! And Quinn is the cutest helper ever.

  18. I love this idea! Could you tell me where I can find this over the door rack so I can go out and pick one up?

  19. Yes.... Where can I find a sturdy over-the-door rack like this one?


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