To document each monthly milestone of Quinn's first year, 
we'll be taking photos of her with these fun monthly stickers courtesy of Sticky Bellies

Quinn is now exactly 10 months old, which means it's time to look back at her previous month.  
It was a month of major milestones.  She's totally more fun now. 
I'm feeling less like her maid & more like her mama.  Just being honest.
 :) happy
(Hey, I'm actually on time with this post.  It probs won't happen again.)

She's a rambunctious, willful sassafras.........to say the least.

* We've got a walker..........I think (there's a video at the end of this post).  One day at 9.5 months, I turned to see her stand & totter about 3 steps to a wayward Cheerio on the rug. She's consistently standing on her own & taking 3-4 steps before realizing that she can get to her destination much faster by crawling. Does that count as walking?  Wish us luck in keeping up with our sassy firecracker......this also means we have to baby-proof more shizz.

* Now has 8 teeth (4 top center, 4 bottom center).

* We've given up on trying to get her to take a bottle/pacifier.  Tried every way imaginable for months & she refused.  Oh well, at this point I'm looking at it as 2 less things we have to wean her off of in the future.

* Still nursing straight from "the source" & LOVING solid foods so far.  I've mentioned before that we did a version of baby-led weaning (under our supervision, starting at 6 mo. Quinn essentially fed/feeds herself non-pureed foods; we just made/make sure they're bite-sized pieces & soft/easy to mash up with her gums).  Dining out has been such a fun experience now that she can sit in a highchair.  She's absolutely giddy over feeding herself & watching the restaurant goings-on around her.

* New foods she loves: hummus, tofu, turkey meatballs, scrambled egg yolk, veggie pasta, brown rice, asparagus, & wheat toast. And Cheerios.......I find those things everywhere even stuck to the underside of my boobs.  :) happy

* I'm still dairy-free.  Though I'm slowly introducing mild cheeses to Quinn, just to test her dairy sensitivity.  So far so good!

* After many weeks of encouraging her to do so, she's finally drinking from a sippy cup. Hallelujah.

* When I ask her to wave & clap, she does it with the most serious scrunchy look on her face.

* For the first consistent time in her whole life (that sounds hiarious seeing as she's only 10 mo. old), is sleeping 10 hrs straight.  I'm not bragging.   It was an extremely emotional experience for all of us.   If there's a couple things I've learned it's this: 1) if your baby sleeps thru the night, don't flaunt it.....especially to moms whose babies don't b/c it can make us lose it/cry/punch you & 2) the minute I think I've got Quinn all figured out, I jinx it somehow & she changes the rules of the game.  HA!  After so many months of this tired mama getting on average 3 hrs of sleep in a row, I'm just so very grateful.  The 3 of us worked hard to get to this point.  I won't elaborate on the sleep-training method we used (it can be a controversial/boring topic to say the least, plus every baby's different), but if you'd like to know more about it, please feel free to email me.  I would be happy to share what we did. 
Now, naps are another story.......let's change the subject.

* Eyes are still blue-grey w/ hazel flecks & hair is light brown.  She's finally starting to look more like her daddy. #wheredidmyAsianbabygo

Some recent candids.......we tried to capture her walking.
{ I didn't get a chance to wash my hair, sorry. }

My love.
"Mama, I WILL get you back for this ridiculous headband."

And what-the-hey, here's a video of Quinn walking (sorta).  
Just ignore her parents' annoying voices, HA!

P.S. I still have to get off my ass to clean the living room in order to snap pics of it.  
Thanks for not leaving me & sitting at the more popular table.

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