DIY upholstered headboard with nailhead trim (the sequel)

Thank you so very much for your kind, flattering comments on our family photos.
I am glad that we pulled off the illusion that we are a normal family.

These days it takes me far too long to do projects & blog about them. 
It could have something to do with a certain someone who decided to start walking before I was prepared for her to do so.
That certain someone also did not get the Daylight Saving Time memo.
(Rhymes with 'Squinn'.)

I made a headboard for the guest bedroom.  Back in 2009, I made one for our master bedroom because I was inspired by my friend Emily's awesome headboard.  
(Hey Em, remember when we were blogging before Pinterest, sponsorships, & Instagram? 
Also, remember when we had free time?)  

There are lots of tutorials & variations of DIY headboards all over the internets (tufting, piping, patterns, ornate shapes, oh my) but just as I did with our first headboard, I went simple. Because my taste can change like the wind, I chose a solid grey fabric that I know I won't get bored with (& can introduce pattern via throw pillows or bedding) & a shape that is classic (at least to me).  

Like our master bedroom's headboard, I didn't go super thick with the upholstery (just a double layer of medium-loft  quilt batting which is just fine for leaning one's back against) nor did I go complicated with hanging it (simple heavy-duty picture hangers on the back).  Our master bedroom's headboard was done exactly this way & is still going strong.

MATERIALS (for a queen-sized headboard)
*plywood ($12, cut at Home Depot; the dimensions I used for our queen bed: 36 in. tall x 63 in. wide)
*jigsaw (to do the cutouts for the shape I wanted)
*fabric ($10; actually a drapery panel I found on clearance at Target--it looks like the lovechild of a grey linen/dupioni silk/tweed)
*quilt batting ($10; the 'full' size is enough for a double layer of padding on a queen headboard)
*nailhead trim kit ($18; available at fabric store in their upholstery section or Amazon which is where I got mine)
*staple gun
*needle-nose pliers
*rubber mallet
*heavy duty hanging hardware

I sketched the curve I wanted & Mr. FC used the jigsaw to cut it out.  Then he took the cut-out piece, flipped it, traced it onto the other side of the headboard & voila!  Mirror image cut-outs.

I cut slits in the fabric to help it "hug" the curves better.

Though I do prefer the individual nailheads look (& briefly considered oversized nailheads), for the sake of my sanity, I again went with a nailhead trim kit.

 It helped to use painters' tape as a guide to keep the nailhead trim straight.
Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to help hold each nailhead.
Trust me, it is so much easier this way.

It's not perfect but it will do.
:) happy

DIY a headboard
find nightstands
hang a fun mirror above bed
get throw pillows & bedding -----> didn't blog about it but I do love how they look together
find unique bedside lamps
DIY (faux) potted orchids for nightstands
find/hang artwork or photos on wall opposite bed
find bench or ottoman for foot of bed


  1. I love the shape you chose - looks great!

  2. That looks soooo fab FC! Classic shape and fabric. It should last you until Quinn is out of high school (which will probably be the next time you get some free time, ha!).

  3. Love this shape! I've been thinking of making a new one for our room and changing up the shape, this is all the inspiration I needed! (PS, Hi friend!!!)

  4. Looks great! I originally wanted to do that shape as well- but I couldn't try to loose my sanity with it! I actually just posted about my headboard too!

    Check out my version of the upholstered headboard with nailheads!


  5. Oh my gosh your family pics are adorable! I love outdoor pics in the fall! And this headboard looks amazing - first pic I totally thought you bought it!

  6. I love the headboard so much. Te hair is super cool and I'm totally impressed at how straight the nail heads are. Super impressed.

    Also, there was a world before Pinterest?

  7. Looks amazing, very simple, clean and elegant! Good for you hammering in all of those many where there??? LOL I would have gone insane after #50 I think.

  8. Looks so great!!!! Seriously, like a super $$ headboard!!

  9. That is so beautiful! I will never make one, but I'm not good at life right now.

  10. I just found your blog. It's adorable! Greetings from Germany!

  11. Its beautiful! Great job! And I love your family photos...her little dress is adorable!

  12. It looks great. Thanks for the tutorial, I've been wanting to try something like this for my daughter's room. How did you ensure that the curves were even? Did you measure or just eyeball?

    1. You're welcome! Sorry my captions are a little small but under the first plywood pic is a blurb about how we did it. Cut one curve, flip it, trace on other side & voila! Mirror images & curves are exactly the same. Hope this helps!

  13. Amazing job! the quality looks awesome. I just mentioned your last one in a post of mine! Love your blog :)

  14. Love how this came out! I don't think I would ever have the patience to try this. Great job!

  15. It's gorgeous and I love the color. Can't wait to see the rest.

  16. Girl, this is awesome- I'm totally going to feature it on my blog very soon! I know people will go crazy over it.

  17. Love it! THis is awesome. THank you for the great idea!!!

  18. Do you mind if I ask how many Nail Heads you bought?

    1. I used a nailhead trim kit (see pics above) found at fabric stores or on Amazon. The nailheads are on a roll. One roll was more than enough for this queen-sized headboard.

      Hope this helps!

  19. Looks great! I just did almost the same exact thing this past weekend... just a different shape.

  20. This is awesome. Simple and sophisticated :)
    I wrote this post on my blog a while ago, about headboard sizes for DIY ninjas like yourself. Thought you might be interested in taking a look :)
    Nice going! x

  21. How did you connect it to the frame?

  22. I didn't. I hung the headboard directly on the wall using heavy duty picture hanging hardware (d-rings, drywall anchors & screws). Hope this helps.

  23. I was curious if you had the dimensions of the cutouts. I really like the shape you used. Thanks!

    1. So sorry, I don't have the exact dimensions.

      For the cutouts I actually took a paper plate, placed it on the corner of the wood, traced around HALF of the plate onto the wood w/ a pen. Then I cut out the piece w/ a jigsaw, flipped the piece, placed it on the other corner, traced it, & cut that out. Hope this helps!

  24. The wood board you bought it like it is or you cut it also?

    1. I mentioned in this post that we had the board cut to size at Home Depot & then cut the curved corners ourselves (method is also explained in the post above). Hope this helps!

  25. Did you attach the headboard to the wall or attach legs atferward to attach to bed frame?

  26. The mirror above the headboard fits perfecly. nice touch


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