Christmas crunch time: kraft paper & the credenza

Hope you're not tired of seeing kraft paper wrapped presents because I totally have some.  

I love this paper.  It's cheap, easy to work with, & it lets me have fun with embellishments & such (which I've always thought are the real stars anyway).  I'm a ribbon hoarder & had fun raiding my stash.  

A few down........a few more to go:

Snowman tag was inspired by this (thanks for pinning it Michelle!).
Just used those poms you can buy at craft stores.  The "scarf" is a scrap of silver twine.

This evergreen sprig was snipped 5 days prior & still going strong.

Added a bit of "winter" to our credenza last week.  
At this rate, I should be done decorating for the holidays by......March?  
I kept it simple.  OK, sparse. 
Honestly, it's sparse because this is where we usually dump our mail & such, so I didn't want decor taking up valuable space.  I made some silvery branches for the occasion. Mr. FC recently helped one of our neighbors trim their branches so I grabbed a few, spray painted them silver, & added pinecones.

Can't decide where I want the gold spikey thingies.

Oh our tree.  
It's usually more sentimental than chic & is especially funny this year since we have a sassy little wh--...........uh, sassy little spore running around like a toddler tornado.  :) happy  So we took the easy route & only decorated the top half.

Here, I labeled this pic just in case you wanted to Pin it:

I'm off to check things off my list as we're set to host a small, festive Christmas dinner.
Happy Holidays & Many Merries to you!


  1. I totes pinned your tree. And did you really say credenza? You've officially gotten too smart and fancy for me! merry merries to you and your cuties!!! xo

  2. I don't think it's "sparse"--I think it's elegant.

  3. Hahaha, our tree totally looks like that too! We can start a new fad ;) Watch out, pinterest!!

    I'm totally not sick of kraft paper wrap, I am doing that this year too (if I ever get around to wrapping). So easy and cheap! Everything looks great. Merry Christmast to you and your fam!!

  4. 1) Kraft paper is the bomb. Pinterest finaly influenced me to try it this year and I'm NEVER going back. Love your embellishments.
    2) Love that you call your daughter a sassy little (sp)ore. Makes me feel better that I Can't_Stop_ calling my little girl "Stink-pants" Where do these nicknames come from and how much should I be saving for the emotional counseling later? ;) j/k
    3) And the half-decorated tree with burnt out lights? Thank you for keeping it real. ;) Love you so much, FC!!!

  5. I hear you on the toddler tornado. My post today was basically a Toddler-Proof holiday. Remember when we used to have pretty things around the house? Now my house is decorated with baby gates and Little People.

    Happy Holidays to you and the FC family!


    1. Aw those were the days, heh. Also remember when we also had free time? And when "cleaning up" didn't involve frantically throwing into baskets & bins & tubs?!

      Happy Holidays to you, JEGS & the Monster!!

  6. Ahh, I love creative wrapping! Those gifts look so pretty and unique. :o)
    I really wanted to comment though to say that I'm just a bit in love with your horse art on the wall. SO PRETTY! Where did you get it from?

    1. Thanks so much Kelly!

      We're pretty in love w/ that horse pic too! It was taken by our friend Ben Klaus a couple yrs ago (who also took our family pics a few posts back). We had the print enlarged to a huge canvas online but I can't remember which site we used but they were great. It was recommended by Ben. Anyway, the photo is available for purchase on his website & he's great about answering any questions you might have regarding ordering if you're interested:

      Hope this helps!

  7. I'm doing a kraft paper wrapping post tomorrow. Love that stuff!

  8. I would pin that last image but I already have memories of it when Chloe was 1.5 years old and yanking ornaments off the tree ;) Great wrapping ideas. I haven't even begun to wrap my gifts so this is good inspiration.

  9. Great wrapping ideas, lady! I'll be lucky to get mine wrapped instead of in bags. Whoops. Did I mention I've still got the majority of my shopping to complete in the next oh, 5 or so days?! Ha!

    Merry Christmas to you and your little family! xoxo

  10. Beeeee-utiful. Kraft paper never looked so good.

  11. FC -
    Your presents look so simple and lovely. I really like the pom pom snowman tag!
    Merry Christmas!

  12. LOL. This is hilarious. I am going to pin the sh*t out of this.

  13. Bestest Christmas tree in the world. And thanks for the shout out. So proud that someone is getting off their a$$ and actually making what I pin!

  14. Girl I am with you! Slooooow start to decorating. Love your packages - so pretty!

  15. I remember having that kind of tree (burned out bulbs and all) when my son was littler. I love that credenza and your gift wrap!

  16. One year, my sister had a toddler and so she hung her Christmas tree to her dr chandelier. It was far enough up that the little one couldn't reach it but could still ooh and hah over it. It worked very well.


  17. "Here, I labeled this pic just in case you wanted to Pin it." Hahahaha! Seriously though, I'm in love with your kraft paper presents - my husband though I was crazy for trying to add a little pizazz with just BOWS on ours, so I'm so jealous of your fancy schmancy theme-wrapping. Maybe next year...

  18. Late to the party but I love the paper wrapping. It feel so old school and vintage-ish!


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