Framed: agate coasters

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Thank you kindly, everyone, for your lovely birthday wishes for Quinn!!
She'd tell you herself, but she's busy crushing Cheerios into the rug right now.

A couple years ago, I saw a wall grid of framed agate in an issue of House Beautiful.  So I filed it away for inspiration. 

Fast forward to last year.  In a sleep-deprived state (you're probs sick of hearing that by now), I added a set of agate coasters to my Amazon cart because I thought it was time we act civilized around here.  We never actually used them for placing our drinks on. We obviously don't respect wood. 

So I framed those agate coasters for our dining room wall.  A lot of our home decor is approached in this way:  I get inspired, I execute it, & I wait for Mr. FC to notice.  He gets vetoe power, but more often than not, he just goes with it.  As for the framed agate, he's somewhat stoked (he's a geologist/environmental consultant.)

(Note: most agate sliced for decorative purposes have been dyed.....this inky-blue color is a result of that & probably doesn't happen naturally.)

A bead of Gorilla Glue around the edge was all it took to adhere (the coasters are just thick enough for the pane of glass to hold them nicely in place, too).  Since agate is porous, I worried about using glue on them but just went for it.  Thankfully, there was no discoloration.  
For a grid like this, my perfectionist tendencies kicked in.  I used 3M picture-hanging strips (the ones pictured above can hold up to 12 lbs; though these frames are probably only a couple lbs each).  This way there aren't multiple holes in the wall, I can reposition the frames as needed, & they don't constantly shift).

I integrated a mirror (from our master bedroom, which reminds me that I need to find something to replace that spot) to break up the sea of frames.  Since the coasters only came in a set of 4, I got an agate sliver to round out the set.  
There's no shortage of rock shops in my area (it is Boulder after all), but these slivers are also available on Amazon.

Frames are from here.

I like it enough to not change least for a couple months. :) happy
Our table is a reclaimed wood table custom-made by a carpenter found on Craigs List for a really reasonable price. 

Edited to add:
Linen camelback chairs from here (a few years ago, now sold out). I painted the legs a while back.
We're also those people who can't be bothered with having a rug under the dining table. 
Yes, we have a wall dedicated to Hiro.
Yep, I hid the high chair for this pic.
Oops, sorry about the sun glare.
ETA: art was made by Modern Bird Studios a few years ago.

I would love to get a couple head chairs for each end of the table at some point.
Meanwhile, still on the search for a kick-ass chandelier........