Quinn's 1st Birthday

Update: Our guest bedroom's DIY upholstered headboard was featured by the lovely Megan recently.  
A million thanks for featuring me, my friend!
Check it out here if you have a moment, as well as her amazing blog for endless inspiration.
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Happy 2013, friends!

Quinn turned 1 back in November so this post is long overdue.  
We celebrated our baby girl with close family members &  our tiny house was bursting with gifts, laughter, & love. 
Lots of love.

I'll be honest.  In this age of Pinterest & blogs, I feel the pressure to do it all; it's only gotten worse since I became a mom.  To go overboard with detailing, DIYing, & documenting..... everything.  I catch myself thinking "I can't wait to blog/Instagram this!" instead of just enjoying the moment while in the moment.  For Quinn's birthday, I kept it very simple (OK, I procrastinated a bit, sorry Quinnie Bug), scaled the guest list way down, & we celebrated our little girl.  Hopefully I'll redeem myself next year (there I go again).

In the end, she didn't care about decor, cake, or even new toys (the packaging was another story).  She just wanted us.

So we simply soaked up the moments.  Because she will never be this age again.  
I've thought that often as she grows by leaps & bounds these days!

DIY paper roses using this tutorial (added dots of glue here & there to hold the "petals"):

"Aw yeah, gonna get my party on......"

See the blurry grape in the foreground?
Quinn is actually looking straight at the camera.  
I'm looking at the grape.

Quinn was quite skeptical w/ her smash cake. Is my baking that bad?!  
I didn't know whether to laugh or be proud of her caution.

"I don't want to play with my new toys.......I like this recipe booklet that Grammy brought."

Sidenote: this was the beginning of Mr. FC's MOVEMBER moustache.

"....the day you became mine, I became yours."

Happy Birthday, Quinn Evie!!
What a year it's been.
I know things were a little rough in the beginning as we got to know each other.
I lost count of the many times I whispered to you: "I'm so sorry, love. Mommy has no idea what she's doing."
But together we grew.
Our hearts are so full & we simply cannot imagine life without you.  
(Only you can make us beam w/ so much pride that rainbows shoot out of our orifices. :) happy)

You are our whole world.  We love you so very much. 
* Last 2 pics courtesy of Ben. Quote plucked from this (you'll cry maybe).


  1. She is too adorable!! Happy birthfay Quinn!
    So what was up with that grape? Did someone throw it or was it your typical photography prop? :)

    1. Aw thx so much, Aja!

      The grape is our go-to prop for photos, lol! It worked on Quinn.....just not on me. =(


  2. Looks like y'all had a great time celebrating Q's first year! And yes- Pinterest (and blogging, and the Internet in general) adds way too much pressure on being the "perfect" mom. But you're absolutely right- being present and enjoying the moment should be our focus.

  3. Quinn's party looks absolutely lovely and just right for a one year old. Great job!

    all the pictures are so sweet. :)


  4. Such a gorgeous party! You took the words right out of my mouth -- I get overwhelmed with the pressure for everything to perfect and perfectly documented (although without a blog) due to all of the social media. This was a nice reminder to just enjoy the moments for what they are and not to be too consumed with details. Quinn's a lucky lady! Happy 1st bday, Q! I didn't realize her and Nora were so close in age -- we have her first bday coming up in three weeks! Eek!

  5. Oh boy, yep, tears. I'm such a softie now, those where-did-my-baby-go moments really get me. I'm so glad you enjoyed your party and your little girl, who cares what pinterest thinks - but for the record, everything looks amazing!! I LOVE that rose garland.

    Happy belated birthday to your beyond cute little Quinn! And congrats to you mama on one year!!

    p.s. the grape photo is so awesome!

    p.p.s. my hubs' had a lovely movember stache for Alice's party too.

  6. Looks like a great party!! Love the smash cake - I would have eaten it that is for sure!

    Happy belated birthday to Quinn!

  7. PS I just went and watched that video. I've seen it before, so I thought I could hold it together.

    I didn't.

    It turned into an ugly cry by the end.


  8. After watching that video, Im a bawling mess now. Thankfully I am a SAHM, and my little guy is napping, so Im the only witness to the blurry, teary mess that is my face.

    In all seriousness, congrats on Quinn's 1st bday. I've been a blog follower for way before Q made her debut, and my first little one was born about a month after Quinn was. I've enjoyed following you and Q on your journey, and it's helped me on mine.

    Congrats again on making it through your first year of parenthood :)

    1. Thank you so much Beka!! I didn't realize how close in age our little ones are! Your comment made my day, you are so kind.

      And the same to you! Congrats on making through this first year. Now how about a drink.... =]

      P.S. That Carter's commercial makes me ugly-cry every single time. Yes, good thing we're at home these days, HA!!

  9. I think her party turned out to be adorable. I'm totally with you on the Pinterest Pressure! Honestly, I think people are almost scaling back to old school low-pressure parties because it is so overwhelming to think of every.single.detail to make it "perfect". Kids are going to love any birthday party, you can tell Quinn loved hers!

  10. FC-
    I love the details of Quinn's party...especially the rosette garland!!!
    The picture of her looking up at the chalkboard is too adorable for words!
    I can't believe your baby is already 1!
    Happy New Year!

  11. i love it. the party, moustache, the grape stare, and your cutie tootie quinn. the whole enchilada. adorbs.

  12. Quinn is adorable and thank you so much for sharing. I was curious where the "Q" on the cake came from?--I am getting married and looking for a letter to top the cake with.

    1. Thx so much, Rachel!

      The "Q" is just a wooden craft letter from Michael's (~$2) that I spraypainted gold (Rustoleum Mettalic Gold), hot glued bamboo skewers on the back (didn't paint those obvs. b/c they actually touch the cake & I didn't want them to be toxic), & voila.....cake topper.

      Enjoy your wedding planning! So exciting!


  13. OK, so this is my fourth comment that I've somehow screwed up on my new Mac. Whoops! Anyhoo--I adore you FC and your realness that makes everyone want to be your bestie. Why oh why don't we live closer? Anyhoo--Congrats to making it through this roller coaster of a ride of this first year--we're getting close too and I'm elated. You are a fabulous mom and Q is one lucky little lady. I hope her birthday was magical. : ) xoxo

  14. Girl, let's talk cause I am right there with you about this whole Pinterest/blogging/instagram world we live in. Right after Christmas I realized I just couldn't keep up so I have semi- unplugged from social networking to spend some quality time with the monster.

    Anywho, love that little girl and her constant look of skepticism. She is way too cool for school. Happy Birthday Quinniecakes!


    ...oh and I feel you on the Movember beard-- JEGs has taken his into the new year #hatekissingascrub.

    1. I am so w/ you on this. So glad I'm not the only one stepping back from the competition induced by social media! There's a someecard that says something like: "I aspire to be the mom you appear to be on Facebook."

      Mr. FC kept growing his 'stache until just a few days ago. I was not sad to see it go.....was sad to see it grow. Though he did raise $150 through his Movember work fundraiser. Ha! =]


  15. Wonderful birthday! One is such a milestone....you all made it!


  16. Such a sweet little girl! I love the rose decor on the wall

  17. You did a beautiful job. Quinn is such a doll! She's such a lucky lady to have you as her mommy :)

  18. I love your pictures. I am so happy for you. I wish you a happy news years.

  19. What a sweet party...I love all of the details. Hard to believe she is 1 already!

  20. I adore you dear friend....thank you for being another mommy who is living in the moment rather than by documenting the moment (I feel the EXACT same way).

  21. You are so authentic and I loe tht about you. Loving in the now is something I struggle with. Most of my job is looking ahead. Since I'm paid to be thinking about the future, I find myself doing that in my home life. I look back at nearly 8 months with Henry and hope I didn't miss anything while I was thinking about the next big thing.

    Q may just be the sweetest little thing ever. I love her dress and her sass.

  22. Oh FC, love it. Your no effort party is way more beautiful than what I'd achieve on a lot of effort. Nice work, friend.

  23. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl FC! She is truly beautiful! You did an amazing job with her party, love the flower garland and her monthly pictures displayed!

    Hope you are doing well my friend!

  24. time flies really fast. the next thing you'll know is that she's going to college.=)

  25. What a darling party and I love her dress!

  26. Oh, Q is growing up so fast. The garlands and Q on the cake are too precious.

  27. Happy (belated) Birthday sweet girl! And the Carter's commercial? Oh God. I cry just thinking about it. Oh, and Pinterest... she's the new Alpha-Mom who no one can keep up with. It's a blessing and a curse. I've definitely stepped back from blogging since it feels like nothing I'll do will be as good as something I can find on Pinterest...which is pretty sad. But, that gives me a whoooole lot more time to spend with my almost-one-year-old. So I guess I win in the end!

  28. Just found your adorable blog through pinterest (your bathroom plank tiles brought me over). Your daughter is just lovely!

    I am adoring the short, round-backed chair in one of the photos, with your daughter walking in front of it. Could you tell me where I could find something like that? Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog & for your kind comments! The tufted club chairs were vintage finds I snagged almost 10 yrs ago at a thrift store in my area (painted the arms & legs myself).

      I believe Overstock might have similar looking chairs (maybe search "tufted linen club chair"?). I've had readers also tell me they've had luck searching their local Craigs List.

      Hope this helps!

  29. Oh dear, I'm afraid to watch this video everyone is talking about! I think, for being last minute, your party snack table and decor looked beautiful. As did your daughter. See, even when you aren't SUPER trying, things look awesome. That is talent. And, I don't know what I'm doing with my child right now, too...glad yours survived, that means I've got a good chance of Ash seeing 1. HA
    Happy (belated) Birthday, Quinn!

  30. What a precious face that sweet little Q is!!! Happy happy (late) birthday to her!! xo

  31. The party looked so sweet!! She's such a cutie!! so glad you enjoyed your day and I know what you mean about Pinterest / Instragram lol :)


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