Basement family room/play area (work-in-progress)

Hope your weekend was good!  Around here there were epic snowfalls, so I encouraged Mr. FC to go snowboarding while the girls (aka Quinn & I) held down the homefront.  We squeezed in some sledding, a Dance Off/Pants Off or two (I kept my pants on; you're welcome), & did lots of this:

via my Instagram (@freckleschic4 )

Somewhere along the way, I realized I haven't blogged about our basement level family room.  The basement was finished in early 2011, we painted, threw in furniture, & very little decorating has happened down there since.  One of my New Year's resolutions for this blog is to post more in-progress pics of our house (I'll try not to drag out anything into painful 10-part blog posts about every little detail so don't worry :) happy).

So here is our unremarkable, work-in-progress family room, (paint is Benjamin Moore Gray Owl):

All the big elements are staying.  The sectional (from here, 2011), while not as sleek as our upstairs sofa, has served us well.  The storage ottoman on casters (from a local discounted furniture warehouse), is not my love but it's practical for a family with a toddler tornado.  Keeping the TV stand (also from said warehouse) & picture ledges (from here, 2011), too.  We also need to anchor that flatscreen to the wall for obvious safety reasons ASAP.  

I'd like to freshen up the space.  Nothing crazy, just want to breathe a bit of new life into it. 
O'verlays / suzani pillow / persimmon pillow / frame / tray

I have Ikea birthday giftcards burning a hole in my purse thanks to family & friends, so going to go that route for the play area (to the left of the sectional).  While it probably won't be Pinterest-worthy, the area will be fun & functional.  Again, nothing crazy or too permanent.  If there's one thing I've learned since Quinn joined our family, it's that our home evolves as fast as she grows....& she's growing like a (sassy) weed!

shelving unit / charcoal striped totes / kids' table set 
grey frame / art print / hanging artwork idea

So that's the plan!
The O'verlays have been ordered & are on their way.  
I've already started tweaking Quinn's table set & can't wait to share it with you soon.
Happy day to you!