Exciting post about concealing a water meter (sarcasm font)

When we renovated the basement back in 2010/2011, we had plans to add built-ins to the large wall in the guest bedroom.  It hasn't happened yet & at this point we're straying from the idea.  The more we think about it, it just doesn't make sense to have built-ins in this particular room.  

So, this leaves us dealing w/ an exposed water meter since our original plans were to conceal it w/in the built-ins......on to plan B.  
The only BEFORE pic I have, right after the drywall went in.

I went searching for a unit to do the job on a smaller scale.  It had to be just narrow enough (so guests wouldn't bump into it getting in/out of bed), not look too much like a total afterthought, & still allow access to the water meter.

Disclaimer: There are probably building codes/regulations for concealing water meters & we probably didn't meet them w/ our solution.  This just works for us so if anyone decides to do the same in their house to detrimental results, please don't sue us.  (FYI: your attorney should be informed that Freckles Chick isn't my legal name)

The husband works near an Ikea & I nicely asked him to get this Hemnes shoe cabinet a few weeks ago.  It has the perfect dimensions for our water meter-concealing needs.  

After it was assembled (Ikea furniture's awesome pricetags don't make up for the pain-in-the-ass assembly), he made some tweaks to make it fit around the water meter (used a jigsaw to cut the particle board backing & plastic drawer detail) .  The cuts look a bit rough due to having to work around the locations of studs in the wall/water meter valves, but no matter as they're not visible when the drop drawer is closed.  Lastly, he secured the cabinet to the wall.

For us, it's a great solution for this space.  
I might eventually add some pretty glass knobs to the drop drawers. 
Since we live in aspen country, I framed a trio of aspen photos from our excursions.  
The camera distorted the frames a bit. They're level in person.

The drawers are fairly empty now, but I think guests who are here for an extended stay will be able to use this as a dresser.  

This being a guest room, I added some simple amenities for our guests (the guest bathroom also has a courtesy toiletries basket for guests to help themselves to so I didn't go overboard in here).  Not exactly the Waldorf Astoria or the prettiest vignette ever, but you know.

I'm just putting the finishing touches on Quinn's art table & will share that next week (if my toddler tornado allows it)!