Feeling (fabric) scrappy

Quinn's nursery is my favorite room in our home.  This tiny room holds big memories: from putting it all together during my pregnancy to her first night in her crib to bedtimes stories & tickle fights on the rug (those middle of the night wake-ups, maybe not so fond).  When it comes to freshening up the decor around here, Quinn's room is always at the top of my list.
Holly of In The Fun Lane is hosting a Scrap Week [Linky] Party , which was the kick in the pants I needed to get creative for Quinn's nursery.  I've admired Holly's renovating, decorating, entrepreneurial, & fashion sensibilities since the beginning of In The Fun Lane (actually even before that, when we were Nesties).  She's one of the rare, famed home/lifestyle bloggers who doesn't blog for recognition.  She has genuine talent, skill, & love for what she does, which makes her blog so enjoyable in my humble opinion.
For my project I used leftover fabric scraps to make "art" for the shadowbox that was already hanging on a wall in Quinn's nursery.  Didn't spend a dime or have to run out for supplies.  Sweet pickles!

I snipped hearts from fabric scraps (plus a few fun paper scraps & washi-taped paper), glued them to cardstock, made a little free-hand sketch (in pencil first, then traced over in ink), & done.  

My interpretation of my girl holding a bunch of heart-shaped balloons.
(Don't look too closely, you'll see some of my pencil marks I overlooked.)

You'll have to forgive the wonky lighting. My little catnapper took a 2-hour long nap (which rarely happens; all you lucky moms who have long nappers out there, I'm jealous :) happy) & so the light wasn't ideal by the time I had a chance to snap pics.  Hey, not complaining though!

 I'm digging the texture & whimsy the fabric/paper scraps bring to the balloons.  
Little girl, big world.  
Balloons in their flights of fancy.  Once set free, one can't be easily contained.
I think it represents my spirited girl well.  (I've tried to contain her, believe me.) 
{ via my Instagram @freckleschic4 }

Linking to Holly's Scrap Week Party.  
Hop on over & check out the inspiration and/or share links to your scrap project(s)!  
Thanks gorgeous gal for hosting!  When's our next party?!
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