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I'm guest posting for my friend Cassie at Hi Sugarplum (while trying not to be jealous of the fact that she & her Mr. are in Italy eating tons of cheese & gelato).  Cassie needs no introduction, as she's sort of a big deal.  Our blog friendship goes back a few years.  She's classy, sassy, & a bit  lot smart-assy.   I think we have an unspoken agreement to one-up the other with the most ridiculous Instagram hashtags (she wins every time).  An email or comment from her never ceases to make me burst out laughing.  Hard to find a funnier, more talented, honest, down-to-earth, caring blogger than her. 

So I'm partaking in her {20 Questions} Series.  It's probably more than you ever wanted to know about me (sorry you won't ever get those minutes back).  If you thought I was just a boozey baby mama........well, that part is still true.  Click on over!
Also, check out what these awesome gals had to say in their guest posts.

Thanks for having me, girl!  Your blog was in good hands while you were in Italy. 
(Except for the day I guest posted for you, sorry.)
:) happy

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  1. loved your post! and really? a banana with your toes! i would totally take you up on the offer to see lol . . . oh and swedish fish are my fav ... hubby thinks they are gross!

  2. Love this! I agree - every room needs some black.
    So jealous of your low maintenance hair. Give it to me.

  3. Had so much fun reading your 20 Questions answers! My right foot is a touch bigger than my left too. Also think maybe I could peel a banana with my feet. Hold on...be right back........

  4. I just wanted to say "hello"! I discovered your blog through your feature over at Hi Sugarplum and was excited to see that you are a Colorado gal. I live in Denver and started blogging a few months ago. I love the art table and all your kid-friendly projects - I have a 16 month old and a second on the way, so I look forward to following your posts, and feel free to pop over to my corner of the web if you are interested: www.blueistyle.blogspot.com

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  6. This makes me love you even more!

    OMG DH and I are obsessed with Duck Dynasty, OBSESSED!

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  8. Well ohmygosh -- how about this being the nicest thing I've ever read?!? It was almost like an obituary!!! Thanks dollface...and no, your hashtags are the winner winner chicken dinner.

    thanks for babysitting the blog for me! she's still hungover ;)

    1. LOL! Better than what my obituary would say: "Wine, it was her co-pilot."

      Love you!!



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