Be mine: felt hearts

Valentine's Day holds a special place in my heart (ha, pun).  Not for its romantical notions so much; the hubby & I don't make a big deal out of it.  Give us a tiled floor or a newly installed faucet any time of the year & aw yeah, it's getting so hot in here.  In college, my roommates & I would get a bouquet of flowers for our apartment & make fancy drinks/dinner to celebrate.  Didn't matter who was single or who wasn't--it was more about the friendship & whimsy & sweetness of love in all kinds of relationships.  Love is all you need.

Quinn & I were tearing thru Michael's right after New Year's & of course, they already had Valentine's Day stuff displayed.  We picked up a bag of adhesive felt hearts & hightailed it out of there because someone had to pee (me).  I guess besides love, a bag of adhesive felt hearts is truly all you need to get the creativity flowing for some Valentine crafting.  I raided my craft closet for everything else.  "Heart" was one of Quinn's first words, so we're pretty excited for Valentine's Day around here.

Embellished one of Quinn's old barrettes.  
I left on the paper backing of the very bottom adhesive heart for obvious reasons & attached the whole thing to the barrette with a dot of hot glue.
I shared on my Instagram the little heart banner we made.  The DIY gold glitter bunting was actually left over from Quinn's birthday.  We stuck on felt hearts for fun (that lasted all of 4 minutes).  Sure I went back afterwards & straightened out some of the hearts but she didn't notice.....she was too busy sticking hearts all over the dishwasher & probably the dog if we had one.  Those dimpled hands.
The other night, I busted out my trusty old rolling alphabet stamp to make quick & easy Valentine candy pouches for Quinn & a couple of her buddies. I'm going to enjoy this leisurely time because by next Valentine's Day I'll probably be sweating over 20 Valentines for her preschool class.
They were inspired by these sweet Valentine bags.  I had the muslin bags on hand from a baby shower I co-hosted a couple years ago, but they can be found at any craft store.  I thought they could be reused for toting around those funny toddler treasures they always seem to find (like rocks or tweezers...just my kid?)
Have you had these gummy hearts from Whole Foods? They're colored using beet extract but you'd never know it by the yummy cherry taste.
Yes, I do look for dye-free foods or vegetable-dyed foods, but I'm not OMG insane about it.
And if you need someone to help/not help with your Valentine's Day crafts, I can send this gal over.
Her current fave phrase is "No please."

As always, I heart you for dropping by =)