Beyond yoga pants

I'm the furthest thing from a fashionista, & lately I've fallen into even more of a fashion rut.  I can't really claim the "new mom" excuse anymore (though I think "mom to a wild toddler" can be almost as exhausting ha!).  Being a SAHM who also works from home part-time, I've just gotten lazy & predictable when it comes to outfits (always reaching for my faithful leggings/yoga pants-that-have-never-been-to-yoga & slouchy sweatshirt).  The hubby is a great hands-on dad but works long hours on top of a commute so most days I wake up with Quinn, go-go-go about our day, drink cold coffee that's been microwaved 5x, I put the Quinnster to bed, work a bit, then fall into bed myself.  At which point I realize Oh mah gawd, I never changed out of my pjs.

(Note: I do throw on decent non-pj pants when we leave the house.  Maaaybe a bra.)

Some of the best parts of my day center around being a parent, but like most moms, I take care of myself last.  I'm not one of those moms who leaves the house looking as polished as a diamond.  If you are, will you come help me?  This year I want to put more effort into my appearance.  Sure it's a superficial resolution but those are the only resolutions I make ;-)  Besides, me wearing pants that aren't leggings for once? I think we all win.

To be honest, when I make efforts to pull myself together, I feel good.  More confident.  Happier.  Hubby couldn't care less what I wear; he insists I just be kind to myself.  It's probably just one of those baffling things that contributes to us lady folks' mystique (like good listening skills).

Classic & comfort are what I crave.
Some outfits of interest:

(I can't find the original source for this one.)
(via an old Talbots catalog)
(More on my Pinterest.)

My parents never instilled much confidence in me throughout my years at home, whether it was academics or appearance.  They were the ultimate tiger parents, which had the opposite effect on me.  Instead of pushing myself to be the best, I wallowed in insecurities.  So above all, there is a precocious little girl in our home to whom I want to show that confidence, tempered by kindness to yourself & others, can be a beautiful thing.  I want to show her that it's OK to want to wear pretty things so long as we understand that they're only accessories to our kind hearts & sharp minds.

I know right: deep thoughts, man.  Stick to what you know, FC.
Off to fan my fashion flame!