Hearts of ice

Are you sick of Valentine's Day stuff yet because I totally have some.  I blame it on Pinterest and/or my Instagram feed but wow, this lead up to Valentine's Day has felt like it's been going on forever.  For the love of Cupid, let's get on with it!

Quinn has never favored cow's milk, no matter how creative we got with it over the past year.  We've tried rice, almond, soy, mixing all of them, fun sippy cups, silly straws, etc.  Now that she's 2, we've eased up a bit on trying to push milk on her.  She's always devoured cheese & yogurt so her pediatrician didn't consider it an issue.  We've even tried chocolate milk & she wasn't impressed.  What kid doesn't like chocolate milk?!  Then a couple months ago on a playdate, she tasted strawberry milk for the first time.  It was like she had seen a unicorn--pure precocious delight & wonderment.

So it's a favorite treat for this little gal, but I still offer plain milk every so often.  I thought I'd be sneaky & jazz up regular old milk with ice cubes hearts made from strawberry milk, in the spirit of Valentine's Day.  

The strawberry milk we buy isn't pink, so I blended it with (hulled) strawberries for a pink hue.  
The silicone heart tray is from IKEA but I don't see it available on their site.  
Amazon has lots of versions here.  
Blend strawberries & milk.
Fill tray, cover loosely with foil, & freeze for ~2 hours.
To loosen ice hearts, dip the underside of tray in a bowl/pan of warm water for a few seconds.  
Flex tray & ice hearts should pop out easily.

I'm not sneaky enough apparently.  
Quinn plucked the heart out, ate it, blew bubbles in the milk, then ultimately abandoned the whole thing.

So I'm done with hearts for a bit.  What's up next? St. Patrick's Day?  
I don't have a bit of Irish heritage but I do have plenty o' freckles.  
And ooh shamrocks.
Prepare yourselves (I'm sorry).

Happy Valentine's Day!