Featured (& favorites)

TGIF, friends!

Today I'm having fun over at The Little Black Door, participating in Elizabeth's Fess Up Friday series.  I can't promise that mine is as awesome & witty as the other installments in this series, but wow did I have a good time with it.  Hope to see you over there!  Not to mention, I so admire Elizabeth.  She has an incredible design sense, is so refreshing & funny....we're united in sarcasm & inappropriateness.  Well, I just can't quit her.  And why would I, that's just crazy talk (you'd think I'm already wading my way thru Happy Hour).

Thanks so much for having me, Elizabeth!

I thought I'd spread the link love a bit today.  
My blog buddies constantly amaze me with their creativity & endless talents.  
A roundup of some recent eye candy from a few of them:

* Bethany transformed a thrifty find into a dream kitchen in miniature for her daughter.  I think this might be my dream kitchen.  I'm so inspired to tweak Quinn's Ikea play kitchen now!

* I would blissfully daydream & never get any work done in Christine's gold & girly office. So fuhreakin' awesome, so Christine.

* Joi's entryway has that chic/welcoming/collected look (like every room she ever touches).  Joi & I go way back in our bloggy world & she is a master at mixing patterns & colors.

* We're full-on Frozen fanatics over here.  Jen's DIY Frozen peg dolls couldn't have come at a better time! "Do you want to build paint a snowman?" ;-)  P.S. I also can't get enough of her refreshingly candid weekend brunch series.  It's all the things I've often thought when it comes to blogging, etc but just can't articulate.

* I want to hone the artistic ability (& the calm) to paint abstracts like Kristin's DIY art.  Dreamy yet edgey.  K, I thought you rocked your CWTS creation, too!

* I love anything fast & easy (wait, what?) like what Jennifer did to give her cabinet a custom look .  To relax, she tackles other easy projects like you know, reupholstering a whole sofa. Pffffft. ;-)

* My favorite gal pal I have yet to meet, Cassie, pulls off the best room-to-outfit inspirations & this is my favorite to date.  I wish she'd quit hoarding all the cute & leave some for me. #frenemy

Thanks for the inspiration, gals!
Have a wonderful weekend all!