Lucite love: new-old coffee table

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  
We don't have a lick of Irish heritage in our families (that we know of).  I tried explaining leprechauns, pots of gold, & shamrocks to Quinn yesterday but she gave me a sympathetic "Lady, you so crazy, put the wine down" look.

You might've seen our "new" coffee table on my Instagram a couple months ago.  I've wanted a lucite table in the living room since before Quinn was born. Since before Pinterest ;-)  CB2's Peekaboo table was always on my wishlist but even its affordable price was a tad high for me.  We tend to "love" our furniture too much around here, so though we believe in investing in certain pieces (like our sofa), we usually think a bargain is out there somewhere.  Over the years, Craig's List & thrift stores have been kind to us (credenza, dining table, club chairs).  
I check Craig's List every morning whilst sipping my coffee, before Quinn starts bossing me around.  
Lo & behold, after years of scrolling, the CB2 table I coveted popped up!  Gently used & for $100 (a steal for our area).  The husband usually gives my decor ideas the side-eye until I get him drunk enough to agree but he was completely on board with this one.

Why we love it: 
toddler friendly (no sharp edges/corners), visually light, versatile, easy to shift around when an impromptu dance party breaks out. 

Here's the thing about lucite pieces:

* It can scratch easily. Since this was a used one, it came to us with a few scratches already.  And Quinn hasn't hesitated in putting her own stamp on it. We knew & were prepared for this table to develop its own "patina" ;-) Nothing's too precious in our tornado zone, I mean house.  

* That being said, the scratches aren't that visible.  Unless someone takes a jagged rock to the due time, I suppose ;-)

* It easily shows dust, fingerprints, & grime.  We're fine with that.  I'd rather see it so I can clean it.  However, if you're of the out-of-sight/out-of-mind camp, this table might drive you crazy.

* I started off by wiping it down every so often with a microfiber cloth & special lucite cleaner, but one day I took one of Quinn's baby wipes to it.  It worked like a charm.  I'm not exactly recommending one use baby wipes on their lucite pieces but the wipes we use are pretty gentle.

Our house is apparently where lucite goes to die.  
Warning if you ever visit: Quinn likes to run around naked & throw herself on the table which makes the view from below awkward. Our friends like to threaten to sit in our ghost chairs naked as well.  
And when in Rome..... #kidding #maybe

Thanks so much for dropping by!