Snow & swimsuits

Here in the foothills of Colorado, it's been fluctuating between 70 degrees & snow. (Contrary to popular belief, it's quite mild all year round here; we usually register ~300 sunny days a year!)  It did snow this past weekend, so we curled up & watched Frozen for the first time.  Naturally, I started daydreaming about swimsuits (???).  Not so much trying them my friend Kelly likes to ask: "Does this suit make my butt look like biscuit dough trying to escape from its tube?"  Ironically, Kell is fit as a fiddle.

I've been trying to plan ahead for our family trip to Encinitas, CA this summer.  We'll be squeezing in surfing, beach time, friends time, & relaxing at our beach cottage rental.  So whilst ordering a couple new swimsuits for Quinn, I looked at some for myself.  I used to be a bikini wearer but quite honestly, my modesty has slowly achieved the upper hand over the last couple years.  Though I guess sucking in my stomach whilst running after a toddler is the best workout ever--just me? ;-) One piece swimsuits have come a long way (downright hot, some of them).  I'm in the market for my first maillot & I'm actually quite excited!  

A few favorites:
(L to R)
1 (with halter strap) / 2 / 3
4 / 5 / 6 / 7 (with halter strap)

I got this & this for Quinn:

I recently turned 35 & while I still snort at words like balls & Uranus, I'm obviously no spring chicken.  While swimsuit shopping, I was gently reminded of that......I sorta wanted to throw a cover-up over each one of those swimsuit models & feed them. ;-) I also thought that while my 20s were fun, I wouldn't want to relive them.  My 30s have brought about a contentment that I wouldn't trade for my youth.

I know, right.  All this from just swimsuits ;-)

Do you have any (one piece) swimsuit recs, friends?