A proper copper light & a novel

I mentioned a while back that I was a bit underwhelmed about our front stoop's light.  For Mother's Day this year, the Mr.'s gift to me was this gorgeous copper light (there was some hinting on my part ;-)  Upon returning from his business trip to Arizona, he jumped right into installing the new light, moved the original light to the back deck (which needed a new light anyway), & routed that gutter downspout away from the foundation & underground.

I spy a Frisco in the window (we're pup-sitting).

I absolutely LOVE it & surprisingly he does, too.  He's used to my outbursts like "Hey hold this home improvement thingy up so I can see how it looks!" & "I'm going to paint!  Again!" & "I want to buy ALL the things!" Or maybe he's just given up.....the guy deserves an award for putting up with me for the past 15 years.  Thanks & I love you, dude!!

Some paint touch-ups are in my future (on the house & that doormat I DIYed).

In unrelated but exciting news, my friend Rachel's debut novel is out & we're so proud of her.  I'm utterly blown away by her work!  She's one of the sincerest, hardest-working, funniest people I know.  Our kids are buddies as well.  While I was lamenting my lack of sleep with a baby, she was lacking sleep with twin babies AND writing a novel AND working outside the home....what was I complaining about, again? ;-)  I consider myself an avid reader, but these days I don't often get the chance to start (let alone finish) novels.  Let's just say Point of Direction was so riveting, I wasn't able to put it down....stayed up way past my bedtime.  If you're looking for an adventurous & incredibly satisfying story check it out!  I hope you enjoy it as well :-)

"...a strikingly vivid debut novel." -Oprah Magazine
Point of Direction is the story of a young couple who decide to become caretakers of a remote lighthouse in Alaska, where the previous caretaker disappeared over twenty years ago. What starts out as a grand adventure, quickly deteriorates as secrets they each hold from the other and an uncertain danger lurking in the nearby waters threaten to unravel them as the winter weather presses in. A story of resilience, survival, and forgiveness, Point of Direction is a fast paced adventure story that Oprah Magazine called a "strikingly vivid debut novel."