Pillows (you can never have too many)

Many thanks to GoodHousekeeping.com for including my little closet in their savvy streamlined closets roundup!  A very cool honor, thank you Good Housekeeping!

Lots going on around here, nothing to show for it yet :-(

So hey, look at my new pillows, I guess?

I scooped up some pillows from HomeGoods recently (if I got a dollar for every time I've said that...).  When I discovered HomeGoods in 2007, it was a different, simpler time......I could've walked away from something knowing that there was a good chance it would still be there a few days later.  Now, that thinking is considered crazy talk; just get it or regret it is my HomeGoods motto.  

The pillows are linen embellished with a subtle silver thread design.  
You know how I embrace the neutrals.
My incredible in-laws from Austin sent me daffodil bulbs for Mother's Day.
The daffodil blooms burst from their bulbs within days & it's been fun watching them grow!
It's about to get all dormant orchid up in here.

I styled this vignette with a pop of Hermes orange. ;-)
Someone asked somewhere along the way about these chairs.  
The chairs are supposedly vintage & I found them at a gently used furniture shop in Boulder ~10 years ago.  
I refinished the arms, caning, & legs a few years ago.

The weather's warming up nicely here in Colorado.  We got snow about a week ago which threw everyone for a loop.  I had forgotten to stock up on red wine before the storm, who am I?  

In other news, the longer daylight hours combined with toddler stubbornness have contributed to a 9:30-10 pm bedtime for Quinn these days despite our best efforts to thwart that.  A few months ago she finally started to take longer naps (yay!), but she's not one of those 'long nap takers & go to bed at 7:00 pm' kids (f*$#!).  So what used to be my work/project time has drastically been whittled down.  I'm not complaining nor asking for advice.......just side-eyeing this little diva of ours & lovingly reveling in her spritely little antics.  Maybe occasionally yelling my frustrations into a pillow.  Hey, maybe even one of those pillows up there!  Talk about a good buy.

Have a sweet week, friends!