A sparkling sip

My lovely friend Kayla of A Delightful Place to Dwell & KR Dixon Designs invited me over to partake in her inspiring Blogger Style Files series.  I chat about my design style, my faves, & why I blog--too much fun!  Thanks so much for having me, my friend :-)  Now, how do we get together for an epic playdate?!?

One might infer by now that I like wine.  I like it a lawt.  If this is surprising, Hello there, you must be new. Pleased to meet you.

While I'm no wine connoisseur, I do know that I prefer robust red wines.  Though when summer rolls around with its sultry temps, I find myself craving something a bit frostier.  I've tried so many white wines all across the budget but was never a fan of any.  Then a few years ago, I had Prosecco (Italian sparkling white wine, bubbly & somewhat dry) at a friend's bridal shower & well, YES.  Like bubbly little stars dancing on the tongue. There's just something celebratory about it and I love breaking it out for festive occasions.  

Or you know, at 5:00 4:30 3:00 pm on any random summer day.

I usually prefer Prosecco as is or I'll drop some frozen berries in (to keep it chilled without watering it down, a trick I learned from my sister-in-law).  At a recent gathering, I set out some berry hibiscus lemonade for the non-drinkers & a friend added a splash to her glass of Prosecco.  

It was such a refreshing, simple cocktail that I thought would be a fun addition to any celebration.  It's fitting for July Fourth, sort of a sparkler of a cocktail; an abstract of red, white & blue thanks to the berries (especially if you leave out the pink lemonade).  There's even unexpected fizzy 'fireworks' when the frozen berries plop in.  (I need to buy proper glasses for bubbly.)

Frozen fruit.  I cut the stars from a pluot which is a hybrid of a plum & apricot.
They're delicious.  Quinn devours two a day sometimes.  She's quite uh, regular ;-)

Really, I just need any excuse to pop open a Prosecco.  The bubbles give the Mr. a headache....so more for me, I guess?  I made a shaky 5-second video of the sparkley-fizzy 'fireworks' that ensue upon dropping the frozen berries in because I was obviously wasted not busy.

If you have a favorite summer time drink, do share.  Happy Summer!
To my American friends, I hope you have a safe & joyful Independence Day!
To my Canadian friends, Happy Canada Day!


  1. Perfect summer drink! Thanks for sharing.

    1. My pleasure, L! Hope your summer's off to a sweet start :-)

  2. Prosecco is my FAVORITE white! So good and I love pairing it with berries too!! I think I'm reviewing one tomorrow for Wino Wednesday :)

  3. YUM. Thanks for sharing this- sounds delicious! And suitable to enjoy with even breakfast right? ;) Never too early to start...ahaha

  4. Hey. I'm not sure if I planned it this way, but I have some flutes that are empty and you have some Prosecco that needs drinking. Also, I need bubbles because it's hot out (or something like that). Come on over.

  5. Ohhhhh...I will take ANY excuse to drink prosecco. My favorite. Whyyyyyy do you not live in my neighborhood?!

  6. I love prosecco so much and I'm having a lot of those random summer days lately here at the beach. Or should I say every day…yikes ;)

  7. Looks amazing! Thanks for the frozen berries tip. You've classed up my ice cube in the sauv. blanc 10 fold! ;)

  8. Um. I need some of this right now. 10:56 a.m. still in my pjs.

  9. I possess that annoying Asian gene that makes me turn as red as a pluot whenever I drink any wine so I'll have to trust you that this drink is delish. Hope you enjoy many more of these this Independence Day!

  10. Seriously, we need a play date and I wouldn't mind if you made this drink! Thanks again for being apart of my little series. I know it was months ago... Life is crazy these days!


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