Stooping up the yardwork

Up until this August, our front yard looked like this.  (Hiiiii, neighbors!)
We loved our zero-scaping so much, we embraced it for several months.  Maybe years.  
It was super low-maintenance. #blessed

The Mr. worked hard leveling the ground, prepping the soil, laying sod, then stone.  Then he planted things.

Earlier this summer, Mr. applied stain to the new stoop (color: chocolate).

Here it is now:

Alright, we're calling this area done for now. Just in time for it to be covered in leaves, then snow.
Are we timely or what.  It's how we do, leave us alone ;-)

More on the mudroom exterior/stoop:


  1. You totally could have gone a few more months ;) Looks great! I'm so in love with those large front windows. Aren't taller planters ridiculous?! I found the perfect one at HD and then feel into a deep depression when I saw the price. I started checking SKU numbers because I was certain it was sitting under the wrong price tag :D

  2. Such a perfect landing!! I'm in love with grass so of course, I was happy with I saw it lol - it looks really good!

  3. So undone yard is NOT the way to go? Crap! I guess I need to start brainstorming

  4. Looks fantastic! And yes, agree...what is up with the prices of planters???

    1. Thank you, friend! Now how do we start an inexpensive planters company & make millions?! #helloearlyretirement


  5. Stoop there it is! <--- sorry, had to! :) Looks great. I love the stain color, way to go Mr. FC!

  6. The stoop looks great! I love your sense of humor and always look forward to your posts here and on Instagram!

  7. Yup Quinn counts ;) love your front entrance area

  8. I'm all about the zeroscaping. But I have to say, your stoop is looking fab with the grass. Yay for just-in-time projects!

  9. It's so PRETTY! You guys have really made it shine! xoxo

  10. Love this! I wish we had green grass. Damn drought. And yes Quinn counts.

  11. Everything looks so clean and crisp. Just in time for Fall - the BEST season ever if you ask me ;)
    You two have such great taste. Great design picks.

  12. what is the color of your front door? it's very pretty!!

  13. what is the color of your front door? it is very pretty!


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