Faux floral monogram (& feeling feathery)

Sorry you had to stare at the picture of me kicking up my heels for weeks on end.  You haven't noticed my absence?  Well, I never.

A few months ago I crafted a little something for Quinn's room & since I'm what they call 'prompt', here it is now.  Months later.  Thanks for sticking around!  Have I told you how devastatingly beautiful you all are?  And smart and cool and pretty and and and.....

I was inspired by the floral monogram crafts I kept seeing all over the interwebs so I created my own version. I wish I knew who to credit the original inspiration to but there are so many out there.  (Our camera's been in the shop for ages so some of these pics are courtesy of a camera phone.  Gah, I feel so naked.)

Q for Quinn
 I looked everywhere & finally found the hollow, papier mache letters at Hobby Lobby.
I skipped the floral foam simply because I didn't want the mess, 
but I think it would have made the flower placement a bit easier. 
The gold feather decals were from Target.
I think they've sold out of them in-store/online.
The trials & tribulations of a threenager.

This is how Quinn's room looked when we brought her home three years ago (!!!).  We don't use the changing table/dresser any more (her closet is huge & has a closet system) & so we moved it out so she has more room to play.  We'd love to turn this corner into something fun for her.  My first thought was to get one of those chair-and-a-half chaises because we love to snuggle up and read these days....but the days of a big girl bed are fast approaching so I'm pretty sure we'll do our snuggle-reading in her bed before too long.  Veering more towards say, a reading nook with a canopy, pillows, twinkle lights.  Or a tiny dress-up wardrobe with a mirror & storage for her pint-sized novelties, similar to Chloe's darling one.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week!  
Well, I better wish you a wonderful rest of your month, 
given my erratic posting schedule ;-)