Amped up antlers

This little corner of Quinn's room keeps evolving & here's how it looks now.  Thanks to our lovely neighbor-friends (Hi, Julie! Hi, Heather!) for filling out Quinn's dress-up stash with the best hand-me-downs!  And for the numerous hang-outs/happy hours that help keep me sane.  Love you gals.

Per usual, I couldn't leave these faux antlers alone so I embellished them with faux florals.  They're hot glued to a ribbon which I then tied around the whole thing.  Easily removable if we tire of the look.  Let's face it, I do this for myself because as opinionated as Quinn is, she could care less about antlers in her room ;-)

We're in the process of getting Quinn a big girl bed for the other side of the thing always leads to another in these situations (at least for me) & I'm scheming some new things for this space.  Eventually, a desk for homework will probably go in this corner but for now this arrangement works.

Quinn started preschool last month & I thought to myself (amongst the tidal wave of all the freaking feels at seeing my baby start school) hey I bet I can get back to blogging with my newfound bit of freedom!  Each day after school drop-off, I run out of the classroom, high-five the other parents in the hall, our eyes shiny-wild with thoughts of all the things we could get done before pick-up.

You look up to me as a parenting role model , I know.  Your adoration is making me uncomfortable, stop it.

I can't seem to find my blogging groove these days, but I'm OK with it.  I'm not sure where this blog is going but I'm not ready to give it up.  I've been blogging for 7 years now & it's never really been a business for's always been my little journal of sorts.  I'm grateful that you care enough to drop by & read it.  

Life for me has changed (it's really the whole point isn't it, to keep growing) & my priorities have shifted.  I'm just making sure that my blog content is inspired & not required.  (That made sense in my head.)  Blogging is so different now.  To my blogger buddies who really hustle, I applaud you.  #hustlebirds  It's not easy & I'm impressed, that's for sure!

See you soon!