Again....and again....

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To be honest, I feel trivial blogging about design, holiday decor, & our life's sweet moments without acknowledging all that's going on with the world & our nation.

We were prepping for Quinn's birthday party to take place the next day when the Mr. happened to glance at his phone.  Upon seeing what had ripped thru Paris, he shakily exhaled & the words "Oh no, not again." escaped before he could carefully edit his reaction for Quinn's benefit.  When she asked what happened....he & I glanced at each other as parents so often do when trying to explain weighty things to their child.  We very much believe in giving honest answers while still guarding her innocence.  

I somberly said that a lot of people were hurt by some people who did a terrible thing in a city called Paris.  "Did people die?" Quinn asked (we've been gently navigating the topic of death lately as she has asked about our good old dog Hiro, who passed away a few years ago).  

Our words, meant to reassure, flew at her.  "Oh honey.....yes. We're safe though, we don't want you to worry."  "And there are lots of very brave, good people helping the people in Paris right now."

She searched my tired eyes with her bright hazel ones.  Sometimes, in between her goofy-wildness, I get glimpses of an old soul.  "It's nice that there's brave people there & that they're good to each other." she finally said.  And that was that.

I agreed emphatically, silently relieved that she didn't have more questions we would probably have to answer with "I don't know why these things happen, honey."

And here we are again....those souls lost in San Bernardino.  And Colorado Springs last week.  And on and on and on it a sick, nightmarish list.  

I'd be pretending if I didn't say this: the fear of our times flits thru my mind when the lights go down in a theatre, or when I pass a police officer, or when I board a plane, or when I squeeze Quinn tight before I leave her classroom every day.

But in this particular moment with Quinn, I was struck by how her four year-old mind sifted thru our words.  How she chose to focus on the good & the brave.  Isn't this what we all strive to do in these times?  To not let fear take over?  That despite the darkness, we can choose to remember that there are still far more people who are good & brave in this world.  There is still love & light & humanity.

However, when Quinn does ask "Why? Why doesn't it stop?", I just won't be able to have an answer for my girl.

{Thank you for reading, friends.}