Felt arrow "shot through the heart" valentines

Aw, a Bon Jovi reference ('80's baby). I have a fond college memory of a bunch of us belting out "Livin' On A Prayer", backed up with surprisingly synchronized dance moves,  on the campus quad during finals week.  At least I remember us being synchronized.....and I'm pretty sure that I wasn't the only one singing/dancing.....& heavens to Dawson's Creek, was I wearing a choker necklace with my flared jeans?

Quinn started pre-school last fall & she's been loving every minute of it.  I'm so grateful that she adores her wonderful teachers & classmates.  I just bore her when we hang out now.

I look forward to the projects we're assigned to do together at home.  Like the cereal box castle for storing the valentines they receive this week (there's a Valentine's Day Royal Ball theme).  Daddy was all over that one.  He & Quinn bonded over the geological origins of castle bedrock & engineering specifics of drawbridges.  I stepped in when it came time for making valentines for her classmates.
I'm sure we'll buy store-bought valentines one of these years, but we love a good art project around here so why not make our own eh?  Quinnie & I had fun with these!  Ask me if we're still having fun by the time kindergarten rolls around ;-)

There are SO many variations of these all over Pinterest/the interwebs so I'm unsure whom I should credit but thank you!  And thank you Target Dollar Spot for these felt arrow pens!  I scooped up their whole supply that day, but I'm thinking you could easily diy these with felt & hot glue.

Quinn went to town with paints & glitter on a few sheets of construction paper.  After they dried, I churned out some hearts (Quinn helped trace them out).  

Using an exacto knife, I cut two slits in the paper hearts for the felt arrow pens.  Quinn wrote her name on the back & for added valentine-y sweetness, we taped a lolly on the back of each one.
I love that Yummy Earth lollipops are free of artificial dyes, amongst other things.  
We hand these out every Halloween.  (Not a sponsored post.)
Quinn's so excited to hand these out.  I'm so excited just seeing her excited little face.  
Happy Valentine's Day, friends!
And some photo fun before we cheered on our beloved Denver Broncos at our friends' Super Bowl 50 party on Sunday.  It was sweet victory for "our football boys" as Quinn refers to them.  (I'd like to thank queso dip, jalapeno poppers, & Sauvignon Blanc for helping me thru those nerve-wracking plays.)