Quinn's Big Girl Room

Thank you, friends, for your comforting & caring words for Quinn in my previous post!  She's almost 100% healed up.  I'm almost done replaying the incident over & over in my head ;-)

Has this been a brutal winter for anyone else?  We've had the sickies on and off since November.  I'm typing this as Quinn sleeps....after having emptied the contents of her stomach for the third time (apparently a stomach bug is sweeping thru her preschool).  But blossoms are springing from buds all over the trees in our neighborhood & the temps are climbing.  Spriiiing!  Allll the alllllerrrrgiiiess!

I didn't mean to take so long to post Quinn's room updates.  Not that anyone was waiting with bated breath (why weren't you).  I chatted about the plan here & I'm sure it'll keep evolving.....but it sure is a happy little space right now.  There's a subtle & whimsical woodland tone to it & it's all over the map but most importantly, Quinn adores the elements.  The stars of the show are the feather butterflies by Jenni Kayne for Pottery Barn Kids.  Quinn stuck them on the wall & I let them lay where they landed (!!!!).  Who am I these days??  She broke me ;-)

If you've been around here for a while (thank you), you might recognize some things from when this was in nursery mode.  I re-purposed what I could.  {Source list at bottom.}

I was inspired to DIY a copper & jute plant hanger using this easy tutorial.
The supplies were found at The Home Depot.  Speaking of, when I need an item from that store I just: search for it on their website, note the aisle/bay number it's in at my local store, & text it to myself.
In, out, done.

Painted part of a frame; popped in a favorite quote (by Kate Forsyth).
I was about to take down the feather decals when Quinn insisted they stay.

Does your child insist on obsessively lining up her/his little fuzzy friends on the bed every night, too?
Asking for a friend.

feather butterflies / sconce / felt ball garland (locally made) / 
Folkland pillow / ruffle crochet duvet / 
superhero sheets (Zara Home-sold out) / 
IKEA Minnen bed (ETA: we opted for a low-profile boxspring + standard twin mattress setup from a local mattress store, instead of the thinner IKEA mattress in the product pic)/ 
clear book ledges (Quinn's are from 2011) / water hyacinth basket (Michael's) /
  tree stump table / heart shelf (Target-sold out) 
wall color: Benjamin Moore Grant Beige

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. It's perfect. PERRRRRFECT!!! Maybe Quinn could have a little side gig designing kid's rooms. Hats off to the girl for knowing what she likes and making it all work. Ditto on the lining up of stuffed animals on the bed at night. I'm all, "Izzy, you seriously don't have enough room for yourself in the bed." Izzy: "But, I NEED them." Couldn't help but notice Rosie Revere Engineer - LOVE that book.

  2. What a fun and beautiful space! Love it!

  3. Love the woodland/superhero/stuffie theme. It feels so organic and woodsy yet soft and feminine. Good job ladies!

    Girl, I was broken long ago too... i'm resigned to letting Chloe redecorate and washi tape whatever she wants onto the walls. And is it me or do our girls have girls have twin bedrooms? The layouts are so similar!

    Hope you get over the sicknesses soon and out to enjoy the sunshine!

  4. I love that you made this room so special and unique for your daughter. It's beautiful!! I love those little details.

  5. So so pretty! I'm in love with her superhero sheets. Maybe I can secretly get them for myself and hide them under my duvet.

  6. OH HOW I WANT TO BE QUINN!! Those butterflies......the crown on the bedpost......the comfy chair and all my favorite books......the mother-of-pearl closet door knobs for the love......you're killing me.....all so stinkin adorable!!!!!! Hope she (& you) enjoy many happy fun peaceful crazy loud and quiet times in this special little space!

  7. I love this room for your big girl!! That pillow is adorbs. I need it in my life. And maybe those butterflies too! Maggie's room looks like Fisher Price exploded in it. I wish I could purge it clean and make her a lovely room like this. It's so calm and sweet.

  8. where did u get the low profile box spring, and the twin mattress

    1. We purchased both from a local mattress store. The low profile box spring is about 4 inches high & I believe many mattress stores carry them (or Amazon). In the 6th photo, you can see that the boxspring is not even visible (since it's so thin).

      Since we used a box spring, we were able to skip purchasing the wooden slats that accompany the Minnen bed from IKEA. The Minnen bed frame, when set to the longest length, accommodates a standard twin mattress & low profile boxspring perfectly (note: the setup does raise the child up higher so those corner "fan" rails won't really serve a purpose other than being decorative.).

      Hope this helps! :-)

  9. i love everything about the room. :)

  10. I'm wondering where u got the box spring and mattress. i noticed urs is higher than the picture from ikea. thanks so muh

    1. Hi Jenny! I replied to your comment above :-) We purchased both from a local "green" mattress company called Verlo but low profile box springs are available at most mattress stores I think. So yes, we passed on the thin IKEA mattress & the wooden slats. More info in my answer above. Hope this helps!

  11. Those butterflies are slaying me. I mean, I basically just want you to adopt me so I can sleep in a beautiful room like this underneath those lovely butterflies.

    Is that weird?

  12. What a magical room for a little girl! Good job!!


  13. Very cute room. Where is her white chair from (is it the Ikea Jennylund?) and would you recommend it?

    1. Thank you! Her white chair is the IKEA Jennylund. It's very comfy, sturdy & the removable slipcover is so convenient. It was a great chair for nursing when she was a baby. Now that she's older, I do wish the chair was a bit wider so we could sit side-by-side for reading books....so that's my only critique. Hope this helps!


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