Books were an escape for me while growing up; my haven, a magical world I could delve into for hours.  To be candid, books filled a void for me.  I was fortunate in that most of my teachers sensed that & in turn they encouraged my love for books.

Like many of you devoted parents out there, I'm passionate about nurturing the love of reading in my own child.  There's nothing quite like seeing Quinn's eyes light up at a book's illustrations & these days she'll point out the handful of words she can currently read.  For birthdays & holidays, we (plus grandparents & aunties & uncles) usually sneak a book in as a gift.  Quinn honestly gets as revved up over a gifted book as she does over a gifted Shopkins set or something.  Yeah girl!

I absolutely love getting reading recommendations from friends & bloggers & friend-bloggers.  
So here are a few favorites from our resident feisty five year-old πŸ˜€

Beautiful | What Do You Do With An Idea? In My Heart | I Had A Favorite Dress
The Most Magnificent Thing | Ada Twist Scientist | Rosie Revere Engineer | Iggy Peck ArchitectIf You Give A Pig A Pancake
Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? | Room on the Broom | Where The Wild Things Are Dragons Love Tacos

Beautiful  It's all about your clothes your hair your style who you are.  Being yourself is beautiful.
What Do You Do With An Idea?   An idea is limitless, just like your imagination.  It will grow, just like your confidence.  The illustrations are beautifully whimsical.  (note: it might be a bit abstract for some kiddos.)  I hope this book is one that Quinn will pull out year after year.
In My Heart  This age comes with big feelings & emotions, which can be overwhelming to a five year-old.  It's comforting for Quinn, a highly sensitive child, to be able to identify what she's feeling & to not become anxious about "these feels".  The cut-out heart is a fun visual, too!
I Had A Favorite Dress   For your little fashionistas.  I love how this light-hearted tale speaks gently about repurposing, creativity, & learning to let go.  There's a few big words ("overwrought"!) that sparked discussions for us.  I jump for joy when I see diverse characters in children's books.   The dreamy illustrations are fabulous.

The Most Magnificent Thing  There have been many moments where Quinn gets a brilliant idea in her head & the end result isn't quite how she envisioned.  Her teachers tell us she's a perfectionist in the classroom, which also means she's very hard on herself & it's heartbreaking to see.  If your child is the same, this story is the sweetest in inspiring him/her to try, try again.  
Ada Twist Scientist | Rosie Revere Engineer Iggy Peck Architect  I can't fully articulate how much we LOVE these books.  Quinn has loved them since she was 4 years old.  They focus on the importance of perseverance, critical thinking, & occasionally failing!  The rhyming text!  The intricate illustrations!  Quinn recites "The only true failure can come if you quit." all the time from Rosie Revere Engineer, which makes me go "Where did you come from?"  Get all three if you haven't already! 
If You Give A Pig A Pancake  The whole "If You Give A..." series is hilarious.  In this book, a little girl indulges the whims of a busy pig & the storyline comes full circle in all of the books.  Trying to keep up with a hurricane of a personality who leaves chaos behind her....I know what that's like, maybe. 
Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?  A quick read with rhyming text ensuring your little princess that hey, she's fine just the way she is.  Perfect for bedtime after those long days πŸ˜‰ 

Room on the Broom  A kind witch, her cat, & a handful of helpful animal friends plus a disaster with a's witty whilst touching on friendship, kindness, & cooperation.  The story's got a great rhythm to it.  (We also love the animated version which was on Netflix for a while!)

Where The Wild Things Are  "Oh please don't go-we'll eat you up-we love you so!"  A light-hearted classic for the wild things we're raising to be refined adults (why do kids occasionally act like feral animals for no reason at all, know what I mean?).  Our friends who have older kids can still recite parts of this book from memory.  Do you remember reading it when you were younger?

Dragons Love Tacos  Honestly, this is just a fun, silly book that Quinn (and apparently her whole class) loves.  They even made salsa one day in honor of this book!  Some of us preschool parents pondered about whether there's a deeper meaning to these dragons & their taco obsession.....but we just end up, like, REALLY craving tacos.  Besides, it got my kid to eat tacos so woohoo, I think?

  I'd love to hear what your kiddos' favorite reads are!
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