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Yay it's Friday!  
Fridays always make me ridiculously optimistic for a productive weekend of wine & Netflix.
Thoughts & things:

I'm trying to find an excuse, any excuse to use this gorgeousness somewhere, anywhere in our home.

Dayum, Martha!  Talk about out of this world.  The other parental figures are probably sweating about their own kid's birthday parties now.  Quinn's 5th birthday party last fall at a gymnastics training center suddenly seems so bourgeoisie.....

Moody little bathroom by Studio McGee, I love you.

Studio McGee

These days, I've pared down routines like styling my hair. Waaaay down 😊 On the nights I actually wash my hair, I spray this on (damp hair), topknot it until bedtime, then sleep on it & hope for the best in the morning.  It usually delivers those tousled, textured 'beachy' waves with just a little lift for me (I know everyone's hair is different).....which I wind up throwing into a topknot by the afternoon anyway, HA!

A magnificent mountain house I would never leave.  And I would haunt it in the after-life because I would.never.ever.leave.

Loving this cozy craftsman before & after!

Tales of a Reluctant Activist .....has it only been two months?!  Yeesh.

With this early, warm spring weather I'm guiltily all "Thank you, global warming?" , Quinn's kid's picnic table has emerged from storage for crafting/eating/partying outside.  Sturdy, no maintenance, wipes down like a dream, & folds flat for storage.  So many friends & neighbors have gotten the same one after seeing ours, that we should probably get the tables together for a table family reunion.  They could make awkward conversation & share embarrassing stories.

If you find that lucky pot of gold on this St. Patrick's Day, let's totally be friends.
Happy weekend & thank you for stopping by!
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