Small bathroom updates

When I started blogging in 2007, it was so easy to throw a post up.  No spending hours styling a room, then taking photos, then tweaking photos.  No anxiety-inducing comparisons to other bloggers.  Bloggers didn't use professional photographers, there were no collaborations & sponsorships, no fancy design blogger challenges, & you know what YOU GUYS, I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOUR SUCCESS, NOT JEALOUS AT ALL, YOU WORK YOUR ARSES OFF, I'M FINE. FINE! 😜

Anywayfair (ha) I feel a bit silly sharing things like small updates to our main bathroom that aren't groundbreaking but I'm posting them anyway.  I need to remember that the reason I started blogging was to simply chronicle our house's renovations &'s not about keeping up with the Jones, right (I could never keep up!) & you know what YOU GUYS, I'M FINE!  FINE! 😝  

So, hey look at my new shower tiles!  They're shiny!  Recently we ripped out the old shower tiles & had a great tile guy install new ones.  DIY was fun when we were young & spry but now I'd rather just drink my wine, sometimes from a box (the wine, I mean, not my physical self drinking wine whilst in a box) & watch someone else do renovations for me.  I'm not as bend-y as I used to be.

Here's how this bathroom more or less looked when we bought the house in 2007.

Then we updated everything but the shower tiles in 2009.
And here it is currently.  There's no natural light in here so I'm sorry for the photo quality!

I wanted tiles that echoed the classic look of subway tiles but with an edgier, modern twist.  The Tile Shop's Hall Blanco Ceramic tiles fit the bill.  They're over-sized with a glossy finish & subtle striations.

OK, so these aren't the fixtures of my dreams, but the sleek shower head, tub spout, & handheld shower all work really well together.  I mean, this bathroom isn't some grand space so I chose affordable but modern pieces.  The star is this handheld shower wand!  AMAZING pressure/spray & so convenient for rinsing Quinn's hair & spray-cleaning the shower tiles.  After researching endlessly for a showerhead/handheld shower setup, I'm pretty happy with where we landed.  For this setup, I chose the Delta Trinsic shower head/tub set + this handheld shower + this diverter (which allows you to smoothly switch water flow from the shower head to the handheld shower & vice versa, with just a flick of the diverter switch).

These double hook shower curtain rings!  Where have I been?!  Now I can take the shower liner down separately to wash often & not have to simultaneously struggle with the shower curtain (which hardly ever needs to be washed if I can help it).

The Mr. installed beadboard to add some interest to this wall.  And I love Turkish towels because they're lightweight, practically fuzz-free, & dry quickly (also great to pack for the beach)....but if you're one who likes that fluffy, spa towel feel, skip the Turkish towels!

My sad attempt at styling this sort of looks like I just forgot to tidy up.

Hall Blanco Ceramic tiles
Carrara marble trim pieces
Delta Trinsic shower head/tub set
handheld shower wand
shower diverter
vanity: Costco many years ago
tassel shower curtain (also available here & is an awesome knock-off of this one)
double hook shower curtain rings
vanity knobs (we have these in a vertical orientation on our mudroom cabinets)
dip-dyed stool
walls: Benjamin Moore White Dove

I love you.  Thanks for reading! 

*This post contains Amazon Affiliate links; all opinions are my own. Thank you!