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Happy Friday!  
On deck is a beautiful weekend with friends & kids frolicking & outdoor living.
Summer (almost)!!  Rosé all day?  Yes way.
Thoughts & things...................

My small-living self loves modest-sized kitchen remodels like this.

The One Room Challenge reveals have been making my jaw drop & my wallet cry.  My favorites from the group of official participants: hers (those DIY mouldings), hers (holy marvelous moodiness), hers (because marble), & theirs (beautiful cause).

Minimalist me loves a capsule wardrobe & am currently inspired by her effortless casual-chic style.

Ontario lake house is one of my life goals.
Anne Hepfer Lake House

About 6 years ago (along with clean eating) we started transitioning to clean living products around the house & one of them is this.  It seriously smells like a spa every time we wash our hands.

I haven't watched TV regularly in how many years now....let's see how old is Quinn? 😝 But I love a good Netflix binge after she goes to bed.  Love me some British royals so this was my go-to last month.

Not to get political but his Instagram & her portrayal are little bright spots. Because if I don't smile/laugh, I'll cry.

Summer!  Her gardens!  I will never achieve this magic!

And in the vein of motherhood on this (U.S.) Mother's Day........

"Nurturing a garden is very much like bringing up a child; you try to give the plants what they need in order to thrive, but only they can do the growing. You can try and impose some kind of order on the space, but in the end, the plants will do their own thing. They live right in the moment.” 
   --plant enthusiast/book author Laetitia Maklouf
I struggled with postpartum depression & anxiety so 
this hits my heart hard.

Giving me all the feels  #uglymommycry

And this 😏

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms & mom figures out there, 
giving their best every single day!

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