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Well, due to this debacle most of the photos on this ol' blog are un-viewable.....even though for years I was one of the users who paid for her own upgraded membership 😞  Working on using a different photo host.  Because without the photos, a visitor would only be left with my witty wine jokes (sorry in advance).
Happy Independence Day weekend to my American friends! 
 Happy Canada Day weekend to my Canadian friends!
Some thoughts & things..........

Last summer, I said No! to cheap flip flops that would break on me after a few wears.  This is my second summer with these leather flip flops (so comfy).  Honestly, I wear them year-round, Colorado weather-permitting.

These more modest jean shorts were a recent purchase.  Shorts, flip flops, & an embroidered tank are my standard summer uniform. #notafashionblogger

And speaking of summer uniforms, love René's picks.

Kim always has patriotic decor down pat.

I posted about these back when I shared some bathroom updates; love them so much I ordered a second set for our guest bathroom.

Major kitchen envy!

Some of my dearest friends are ones I connected with over motherhood.  I love them for how real & supportive they are when it comes to this wild ride.  I've had my sarcastic mug for a couple years, so back in May for Mother's Day, I gifted a few of them 😀

Apparently we like our drinking vessels 'round here because I was gifted this for outdoorsy summer wine sipping by my friend Christen.

Quinn's having her first sleepover with her BFF soon & we're gleefully planning out fun things.  Amongst them all: an ice cream sundae building station, a movie, & rockstar hair!

And more kitchen inspo!
SMI Modern Farmhouse Kitchen and Dining Nook

Happy summer!!

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  1. Thank you so much cutie! Yes, those kitchens are perfect! Happy 4th to you!

  2. Oh, I've missed you, my friend. Always happy to see you pop up in my feed. (And yes. I apparantly only read blogs once a month now.)

    I bought my first pair of grown up leather flip flops last year and can't believe what I was missing. They have held up so well and actually look nice.


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