Disneyland to SoCal

We went back to Cali this summer for what we dubbed our "Disney-SoCal" trip.  

Quinn's almost six years old & obsessed with Disney princesses, so we thought it was the perfect time to experience Disneyland.  We came, we saw.....we need to get Mommy a glass of wine haha just kidding but seriously you guys.

We spent one full day at Disneyland & the next day at California Adventure Parks.  I braced myself for the worst lines, crowds, heat, etc, but surprisingly it was all very manageable especially with tips & tricks from our friends who have braved it.

Our kid was a complete princess groupie; she had zero chill when it came to the princesses 😁  Using the Disneyland app, we were able to figure out where/when each princess was available for autographs & chats; incredible how much it saved us when it came to waiting in long lines.  I believe Quinn met 9 princesses (plus Olaf, Aladdin, & Flynn Rider).

Seeing it all thru her eyes....well, we got caught up in the magic, too, & before long I was cry-gushing "I love you, Rapunzel!" & trying to smell her hair.     

Then we rounded out the last half of the week by heading down the coast to stay in Encinitas, a true blue laid-back surf town; it's our favorite!

PHOTO TIME GUYZ!!   I know it's boring to look at other people's vacation photos so who am I to think that anyone would care about mine but thank you for taking a peek!

SoCal time!

the Design District in Solana Beach = my nirvana

Thanks for the pic, Quinn 😘

My thoughts are with those affected by Hurricane Irma & Hurricane Harvey.  A couple of days ago, as I was reflecting on the horrific events of September 11, 2001, I was also reminded of how the worst of times bring out the best in humanity.   To support hurricane relief efforts, please go here & here.


  1. This looks like such fun! Almost makes me think Disney should go on our list. But let's get real - I don't have the cool chill of you. The IDEA of Disney stresses me out. Love how happy Q looks though.

    1. 😂 I am the very definition of chill. Seriously Disneyland was fun and magical and I'm so glad we did it but I'm gonna need at least 5 years to recover. 😁


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