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Like many others, I can't stop thinking about those affected by Hurricane Harvey & the devastation the storm left behind.   I can only imagine the work ahead as residents rebuild their lives & communities.  
The humanity & resilience Texans are exhibiting are an example to us all.  
To support relief efforts, please go here.

Thoughts & things:

Jennifer's patio & fountain situation has me dreaming of an endless summer.

Speaking of endless summer, this salad has been a favorite this season.

I've given up on live plants on our shady front stoop so I bought this little guy.  It's quite life-like (I made sure to "fluff" out the branches) & I'm looking forward to stringing lights on it for the holidays.

I've had this Lindsey Adelman chandelier knock-off in my cart for weeks.  Just adding spendy home things to my cart but not purchasing them makes me feel dangerous yet safe 😳.

I wouldn't kick this house out of bed.

Quinn's mermaid blanket is beloved around here for morning snuggles, movie nights, camping, you name it.  We've gifted them to several of her friends; always a huge hit!

These  (in the Nature color) have been in heavy rotation this summer.  I've owned them for two years & would like to think I'm toning my calves whilst wearing them 😏 They're surprisingly comfortable & versatile.

I discovered Liane Moriarty's books a few years ago (starting with this one; my next favorite is this) & proceeded to devour them all on my Kindle in a matter of months.  I've enjoyed re-reading them this summer.

To all the parents & teachers, 
I hope your transition from laid-back summer days to frantic school days has been as smooth as can be!

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  1. Love Liane Moriarty books! I'm currently reading Truly, Madly, Guilty. Have you watched Big Little Lies? So good!

    1. Big fan here too! Big Little Lies on the screen was so intriguing & I couldn't get enough of those gorgeous houses and Laura Dern's wardrobe!😍


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