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I apparently need more coffee this morning because I have nothing witty to add to the conversation......even my school drop-off chitchat with fellow parents was downright G rated. 
Sorry to let everyone down 😀

Thoughts & things:

I'm giddy about Target's next collaboration!

Fall is fast approaching.....gimme soup.  This is my go-to gadget for homemade soups (& this recipe is a favorite). 

Darn commercial giving me ALL the feels *sniffle*

Our summer wound down with a backyard bash with dear friends, indulging on food/drink, & a water balloon ambush (these are the best things ever) for the kids....ok, adults too.  This was recommended by a friend & stood up to the wet conditions without missing a beat.

How I love Alaina Kaczmarski's greystone tour!

Quinn's a rainbow looming fiend these days.  "Um Mom, it's what we DO in kindergarten." *hair flip*

Speaking of Miss Q, we're focusing on age-appropriate chores.  Girl's got to earn her keep 😁

Last fall, I accomplished absolutely nothing for days (including personal hygeine) due to the Gilmore Girls revival.  And now I'm so stoked for this revival!  Cue the fond flashbacks of my college years in the late '90s & all of us gathering in front of the TV every Thursday evening.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

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  1. Hey girl. Happy Fall. Looking forward to Chip and JoJo's new line. What a great home tour. And, that commercial...especially since we have our daughter's pup living with us. The sweetness!

    1. Happy Fall to you, my friend! And yes allll the feels ;-)

  2. Gah. I love soup season. Ryan's gram had a hand blender like you posted and I have it now. It's such a kitchen helper.I can't believe I use it as much as I do.

    1. Aw Ryan's gram's kitchen game was on point!!!


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