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I feel like every year around this time, someone presses the fast forward button. You, too? 
I'm feeling especially grateful for the hustle & bustle of "ordinary" life this year though.
There's Halloween festivities (a Star Wars/unicorn theme for our costumes this year, lol) & then there's Quinn's 6th (!!!!!!) birthday party (a Beauty & the Beast shindig)
I will probably mix the two up, woohoo party!  😵

Thoughts & things:

Rules for dads raising daughters.  (The Mr. sent me that link with an excited "I do some of these already! I'm progressive!") 

Quinn's school has a tradition of potluck dinners provided by parents during parent-teacher conferences, to help feed all the wonderful teachers during those long days.  I contributed this, which has been a favorite "what can I bring" dish lately.

My favorite shoes for the daily school run!

Decompressing time with a side of wicked humor for moms here & here.  Now to find the time to actually color.....#ironic

Chloe's new room is the coolest, lucky girl!

loft bed, campaign dressers, lucite

It's getting chilly, I'm freezing my buns off most mornings so I usually reach for theseWhat do you mean leggings aren't real pants?!

This book is currently Quinn's bedtime favorite.

I'm re-reading this (a sequel to another favorite).

This is on my wishlist. I've turned to Pete's Instagram on especially frustrating days *deep breaths*

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